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Upgrading to hydraulic brakes

SantaHulSantaHul Posts: 90
edited April 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys.

I'm upgrading my Dave Hinde M2 to hydraulic discs but just wondering about securing the hose along the top tube and seat stay. I'm aware of adapters that allow a hydraulic hose to run parallel to the cable stop but these don't seem like a very neat solution so I was wondering if anybody here had any better ideas. It seems strange that a bike that was sold with disc brake mounts can't accommodate hydraulic hoses better.

The cable stops are removable so I'm thinking about just taking them off and drilling them all the way through but then I'd obviously have to feed the hose through which may complicate things and I'm not sure if the diameter is the same either.

I've seen these removable cable stops on other bikes. Does anybody know where you can get them from and whether there are different versions available.?


Note: The bike isn't as dirty as it looks in this picture. Those messy white bits are actually remnants of polish :arrow:


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