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Look like a fool on TV! (not you MRS)

AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
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  • Doris DayDoris Day Posts: 83
    Be nice to see if Asians, Africans, Afro Caribbean or other people of colour get offered parts to participate in the Emerdale TDF
  • CiBCiB Posts: 6,098
    It reads like some harebrained Nigerian scam email scattered with grammatical errors, and who says 'inbox me' and expects to be taken seriously? 1/10.
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,964
    Inbox me, excellent :lol:
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  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    itboffin wrote:
    Inbox me, excellent :lol:
    Sounds like something an IT lady might cry in the throes of passion.
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  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
    I've lost 10kg especially for this! I no longer look like a stunt double for Daddy Pig :wink:
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  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Why don't they show the peppa pig cycling footage,. I'm sure no one would notice
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,683 Lives Here
    It's television, so I'm surprised they don't grab a load of scrawny wild eyed junkies as all pro cyclists must be on drugs.
  • kurakokurako Posts: 1,098
    I suppose for it to look 'realistic' they will have to get you some replica team gear. What's the budget?
  • CRAIGO5000CRAIGO5000 Posts: 697
    Cue a barrage of beer-gut clad dads riding Ribble road bikes screaming "hold you're liiiiiiiiiine!!!!!" :D

    Maybe I should inbox her...?
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  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,683 Lives Here
    Apparently she's been inboxed to within an inch of her life and can't take any more. I don't think I need to wear lycra to look a fool on TV.
  • Tragically it appears to be true.... it seems her inbox has been well and truly filled :shock:

    Maybe it was her invitation to be 'inboxed' by sweaty men in lycra wielding carbon-fibre exotica wot did it.....
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    Mark Twain
  • Presumably Torq will be bringing out a special edition TdF "Black Pudding & Bitter" gel.....
    "Get a bicycle. You won't regret it if you live"
    Mark Twain
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 24,683 Lives Here
    Nothing to do with this programme, I was filmed for a programme about restoring a classic car. Thankfully I was edited out and didn't appear in the final cut. Very happy about that. Why would anybody want to appear on TV?
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