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Criterium international *Spoilers*

Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
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Looks like Eurosport aren't showing the first stage but here's the result ... nal_321759

Bouhanni beat Nathan Haas (Garmin-Sharp) and Marko Kump (Tinokff-Saxo) to win the 89km stage, the first of two on the day.

A pair of Bouhanni's handlebars lives to fight another day, no bar banging from him.

Time trial this afternoon, another short one at 7km. Seems to be a lot of this at the moment


  • Yellow PerilYellow Peril Posts: 4,466
    An incredibly poor field. This race used to have a fair amount of kudos. Sad to see it reduced to a bit player.

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  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Start list
    Sporting Manager: SHEFER Alexandr /
    1 AGNOLI Valerio
    2 BRAJKOVIC Janez
    3 FOMINYKH Daniil
    4 HUFMANN Evan
    5 KAMYSHEV Arman
    6 LUTSENKO Alexey
    7 SCARPONI Michele
    8 VANOTTI Alessandro
    Sporting Manager: HUNTER Robert /
    11 DENNIS Rohan
    12 CARDOSO MARTINS André Fernando S.
    13 FAIRLY Caleb
    14 HAAS Nathan
    15 HOWES Alex
    16 MORTON Lachlan David
    17 NAVARDAUSKAS Ramunas
    19 DEKKER Thomas
    Sporting managers: BIONDI Laurent / KASPUTIS Arturas
    21 PÉRAUD Jean-Christophe
    22 BERARD Julien
    23 BONNAFOND Guillaume
    24 DOMONT Axel
    25 DUPONT Hubert
    26 GOUGEARD Alexis
    27 RIBLON Christophe
    28 VUILLERMOZ Alexis
    FDJ.FR / FRA
    Sporting managers: DECRION Jacques / PINEAU Franck
    31 FEDRIGO Pierrick
    32 BOUHANNI Nacer
    33 CHAVANEL Sébastien
    35 MOUREY Francis
    36 PICHON Laurent
    38 VAUGRENARD Benoît
    Sporting Manager: BERTOGLIATI Rubens /
    41 LARSSON Gustav
    42 BRÄNDLE Matthias
    43 FRANK Mathias
    45 REICHENBACH Sébastien
    46 SCHELLING Patrick
    47 TSCHOPP Johann
    48 WYSS Marcel
    Sporting Manager: ANDERSEN Kim /
    51 SCHLECK Frank
    52 ALAFACI Eugenio
    53 BUSCHE Matthew
    54 DIDIER Laurent
    55 JUNGELS Bob
    56 SCHLECK Andy
    57 SILVESTRE Fabio
    58 WATSON Calvin
    Sporting Manager: HUBERT Emmanuel /
    61 SEPULVEDA Eduardo
    62 DELAPLACE Anthony
    63 FEILLU Brice
    64 FONSECA Armindo
    66 GUILLOU Florian
    67 LABORIE Christophe
    68 VACHON Florian
    Sporting Manager: GENAUZEAU Benoît /
    71 GAUTIER Cyril
    72 ARASHIRO Yukiya
    73 BERNAUDEAU Giovanni
    75 HUREL Tony
    76 NAULEAU Bryan
    77 SICARD Romain
    Sporting managers: CENGHIALTA Bruno / GUIDI Fabrizio
    82 ANDERSEN Michael Valgren
    83 BELTRAN Edward
    84 KUMP Marko
    85 MAJKA Rafal
    86 MC CARTHY Jay
    87 PETROV Evgeni
    88 ROVNY Ivan
    Sporting Manager: JONROND Jean-Luc /
    91 COPPEL Jérôme
    92 BESCOND Jérémy
    93 FOUCHARD Julien
    94 LAPORTE Christophe
    95 LEVARLET Guillaume
    96 SIMON Julien
    97 VENTURINI Clément
    Sporting Manager: GUIBERTEAU Christian /
    101 DUMOULIN Tom
    102 AHLSTRAND Jonas
    103 CRADDOCK Lawson
    105 HUPOND Thierry
    106 LOH Sea Keong
    107 OLIVIER Daan
    Sporting managers: POMER Christian / SANS VEGA Alex
    112 BENEDETTI Cesare
    113 CAMANO Iker
    115 MACHADO Tiago
    116 MENDES José
    117 PADOUR Frantisek
    118 ROWSELL Erick
    Sporting Manager: TEBALDI Valerio /
    121 DUQUE Leonardo
    123 DIAZ CARDENAS Edward Fabian
    124 DUARTE AREVALO Fabio Andres
    125 PANTOJA Darwin
    126 PAREDES Felipe
    127 ROMERO CORREDOR Jeffry Johan
    128 TORRES AGUDELO Rodolfo Andres
    Sporting managers: LECARPENTIER Freddy / SALMON Benoit
    131 DI GREGORIO Rémy
    132 ANTOMARCHI Julien
    133 EL FARES Julien
    135 GONCALVES José
    136 LAVIEU Antoine
    138 VAUBOURZEIX Thomas
    Sporting Manager: JAVALET Stephane /
    141 DASSONVILLE Flavien
    142 GOUAULT Pierre
    143 JAKIN Alo
    144 LE BOULCH Dimitri
    145 ROSSETTO Stéphane
    146 TRONET Steven
    147 VIMPERE Théo
    148 YSSAAD Yannis
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    I will be routing for the Bretagne boys
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Forgot about this race. GC talent is in Spain and Nibali is training on Mt Tiede. Will watch highlights.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Tom Dumoulin of Giant-Shimano won the afternoon time trial of the Criterium International, covering the short seven-kilometre course in a time of 9:07. Second place went to Rohan Dennis (Garmin-Sharp) at 9:10, with Bob Jungels (Trek Factory Racing) third at 9:17. The 23-year-old Dutchman also took over the race lead, ahead of Dennis and Jungels.

    The time trial course was a technical one, with a few bumps along the way. It ended with the last kilometer climbing up to the finish line.

    “Finally, after lots of close calls and second places it’s great to get a win," Dumoulin said of his season's first victory.

    “I went full gas from the off and did a good ride, nailed all the corners and had good power on the fast sections. Once again the Giant Trinity TT bike felt so smooth and fast and mentally that’s a huge boost when you’re hurting.

    “It’s great to win here in Corsica again after our Tour success here last year. It seems that we have a good connection with yellow jerseys in Corsica."

    The first rider out, Felipe Paredes of Colombia, put in a time of 10:55, which proved to be nearly the slowest of the day. Alexis Gougeard (AG2R),who was in the break earlier in the day on the opening stage, led for a while with 9:33, but rider after rider topped that mark as well, as the time crept down to the nine-minute mark.

    Domoulin moved into the hot seat with a best time of 9:07, three seconds faster that Richie Porte's winning time on the same course last year, and the other riders failed to better his time.

    Sunday's third and decisive stage for the weekend stage race covers 176km and includes six climbs, featuring a mountain-top finish on the Cote de l'Ospedale near Porto Vecchio in the south of Corsica.
  • CrozzaCrozza Posts: 991
    Forgot about this race. GC talent is in Spain.

    how can you say that when both Schlecks are racing?
  • Richmond RacerRichmond Racer Posts: 8,561
    Crozza wrote:
    Forgot about this race. GC talent is in Spain.

    how can you say that when both Schlecks are racing?

    Well, I looked for their names in the top 10 of the TT results, but sure they´re racing?

  • andypandyp Posts: 9,066
    Andy Schleck is preparing for an assault on a few Gran Fondos in Italy later in the year.
  • RonBRonB Posts: 3,984
    Paul 8v wrote:
    I will be routing for the Bretagne boys

    Good call - three guys in the top 15 after the ITT…

    1 (53) DUMOULIN Tom Team Giant-Shimano 2:16:08
    2 (50) DENNIS Rohan Garmin Sharp 0:03
    3 (5) JUNGELS Bob Trek Factory Racing 0:08
    4 (19) PERAUD Jean-Christophe AG2R La Mondiale 0:11
    5 (70) COPPEL Jérome Cofidis, Solutions Crédits ,,
    6 (42) NAVARDAUSKAS Ramunas Garmin Sharp 0:14
    7 (2) HAAS Nathan Garmin Sharp 0:16
    8 (30) FRANK Mathias IAM Cycling ,,
    9 (8) SIMON Julien Cofidis, Solutions Crédits ,,
    10 (68) SEPúLVEDA Eduardo Bretagne - Séché Environnement 0:18
    11 (3) BRANDLE Matthias IAM Cycling 0:21
    12 (61) FEDRIGO Pierrick ,,
    13 (32) FEILLU Brice Bretagne - Séché Environnement 0:22
    14 (51) DELAPLACE Anthony Bretagne - Séché Environnement ,,
    15 (59) LARSSON Gustav Erik IAM Cycling 0:23
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Not bad at all. Although there aren't many big guns there it's still a good result for them. They are eager to please and should be good value at the tour this year.
  • Richmond RacerRichmond Racer Posts: 8,561
    Rubbish entry list this year. Last year of Corsica´s contract with ASO to host the race. Will CI move to Yorkshire next year and be the new ASO race (extended to 3 days)?
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Nice win for Dumoulin - always active. GShims win tally now on 14 vs OPQSs 16.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Skinsuit again:
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    If you want to follow:

    At 110km Tulik (EUC), Fouchard (COF), Duque (COL), Paillot (LPM), Dassonville (BIG) have 50secs.

    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Coppel dropped. Andy Schleck dropped (like last year, after trying an attack).
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    20ks, Fairly (GRS), Nauleau (EUC) have 30secs.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Not too far to go, only 24 riders in the first bunch.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Rohan Dennis dropped.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Only 7 left including Peraud and Frank Schleck.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Frank takes it up with 2ks, 3 left with him.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Frank attacks again at 1.3km to go, IAM rider, Saxo rider and Peraud.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Frank attacks again at 1km.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    A BSE and NetApp rider catch.

    Frank attacks again, IAM rider catches, all there bar BSE rider.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    Shame for Frank that he couldnt drop these others. IAM rider wins, Peraud 2nd.
    Contador is the Greatest
  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    At last, some decent MTF racing ...

    Great riding by both Frank and, err, Frank ...
  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    M Frank,
    Machado at 2secs
    Frank then Majka at 3secs
    BSE rider Sepulveda at 13secs
    Vuillermoz art 20secs
    Duarte, Di Gregorio then Simon at 36secs

    Peraud wins the overall by 1sec! Yes.
    Peraud, M Frank, Machado, Majka, Sepulvedea, Frank
    Contador is the Greatest
  • blazing_saddlesblazing_saddles Posts: 20,290
    For some reason my Sky box quit recording after 37 minutes, missing all of the climb.
    Caught up with the "Uphill track standing competition" elsewhere.
    Frank looking good and looking back.
    Peraud must have figured out he'd nicked the GC, not to contest the sprint to the guy who
    he beat by 1 second.
    "Science is a tool for cheaters". An anonymous French PE teacher.
  • rc856rc856 Posts: 1,144
    Great. Looking forward to watching the highlights on Eurosport.....but we've got live horse jumping instead!!!
    Jeez :(
  • TheBigBeanTheBigBean Posts: 17,108
    It's a bit confusing using the name Frank when both Fränk Schleck and Mathias Frank are in the race. Anyway, Matthias beat Schleck.

    1 Mathias Frank (Swi) IAM Cycling 4:43:59
    2 Jean-Christophe Peraud (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
    3 Tiago Machado (Por) Team NetApp - Endura 0:00:02
    4 Fränk Schleck (Lux) Trek Factory Racing 0:00:03
    5 Rafal Majka (Pol) Tinkoff-Saxo
    6 Eduardo Sepulveda (Arg) Bretagne - Seche Environnement
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