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Road bike ,flat bars, womens geometry and saddle?

abirtwisabirtwis Posts: 11
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Aiming to get the other half out on tarmac this year but does not want drop bars! Need lots a gears, comfy saddle, etc etc...she has a very heavy 26 inch wheeled mountain bike with hybrid tyres but finding it useless/ hard wor on road..
Budget below £700 or am i dreaming....?new or last years model.. Aint fussed, just need to cover longer distance along with me without pain... Advice please.


  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    Why flat bars, may I ask?
  • abirtwisabirtwis Posts: 11
    I asked the same! I am Not having drop bars was the answer!! New to cycling so she insists they must be flat... :x
  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    While not wanting to sound condescending (to you or her), have you explained that having drops doesn't mean that you have to ride in the drops all the time? The good thing about road handlebars, for me, is the variety of hand positions that they offer.
  • abirtwisabirtwis Posts: 11
    I know, but she wants flat bars! Any bikes out there??
  • So my first road bike was a Specialized Dolce Elite. It really is super comfy, from position to Saddle. Now, it does have drop handle bars, but I know they do a hybrid version that doesn't, which basically looks like the same bike but has flat handle bars... I know they are a big brand, so you may get more for your money else where.

    I think the best thing to do is pop to a bike shop and do some testing! you may even be able to persuade her to get drops!!
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  • abirtwisabirtwis Posts: 11
    Thanks for suggestion.. Price seems fine too.£500 ish Think its now called a 'vita sport'. 13 and 14 models are out there!
  • nuggieboknuggiebok Posts: 63
    Giant do a women's specific flat bar hybrid too. I can't remember what it is called but I nearly went for it over my Avail, but the bars are still quite wide for my liking. I'm glad I went for drops, once I too learned that you can ride on the hoods!
  • abirtwisabirtwis Posts: 11
    Also looking at Boardman hybrid sport FI . Good old halfords though, you cant view the bike! Lord i hate that store/ staff.. What was chris thinking??
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