Planet X vs Canyon vs Rose



  • meast
    meast Posts: 19
    I got the Pro Sl 2000 recently with a few upgraded bits. I imagine the model with 105 isn't far behind.



    Can't recommend Rose enough anyway, great customer service and they were quick with build/delivery. The Bikes great too, first proper ride was a 110 mile hilly ride and it was great fun :mrgreen:
  • bobinski
    bobinski Posts: 570
    Funnily enough, that is almost a dead ringer for my sl pro in white which also has orange bar tape, though rs 80 24m wheels. Its nearly 4 years old and looking battered and bruised. I gave up trying to keep it clean some time ago :)
  • bigmul
    bigmul Posts: 208
    I'm trying to make the decision (near enough) on these bikes, however I am also considering a CAAD10 with Ultegra from Germany for approx 1350 which is mighty tempting too...