Calf Pain

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I've been getting calf pains when riding, mainly in my left calf but sometimes in both.

This manifests itself as a painful cramp type pain, usually about 2 hours into a ride. Yesterday this happened and I had to stop and stretch but could still feel the pain, but carried on. However it has previously been so painful I have actually fallen off, embarrassingly. I usually warm up with some gentle spinning around before starting the ride proper, and pretty much always do static post ride streches on calves, quads and hamstrings as a minimum (I do a lot of powerlifting type weight training so stretching makes a big difference).

The pain is still there in my left calf from yesterday's ride, so nearly 24 hours on. This is only a dull pain now, but feels like it is deep in the centre of the calf muscle, and up to the back of the knee.

Any ideas how to prevent this?


  • Could be dehydration, or just saddle hight?
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  • mcnultycop
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    I drank plenty of fluid, saddle height wasn't consistent, as the dropper was up and down (I was at Cragg Quarry, this time).
  • I've had this and went for physio so that would be my first call, secondly check your bike setup especially the cleats.
    I had to do toe/heel lifts to strengthen the calf muscles. Stand upto a wall hands out resting against it. Lift your heel up using the toes/front of foot and repeat ideally up to 50 reps, when I started I could only do 12 reps.Afterwards do some static stretches. Use a foam roller to massage the muscle which helps "untangle" the fibrous muscle and helps to make it straight again. I now do both exercises every couple of days and so far so good.
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    Cheers mate, I don't wear clip less though (other than on the road bike, but I've had this before I got the road bike). I train powerlifting so my calves are strong, and I use the foam roller already!

    I've been using High 5 and it actually seems to gave made a difference, no problems in a couple of hours riding up at Lee and Cragg today.
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    You are looking at the right things, some people are just more prone to cramps than others. I never get them but get massive power failure if I don't eat a lot cycling. My mate is the opposite can ride for hours without eating but gets cramps more easily.