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Dodsun Firepower

sweetwheelssweetwheels Posts: 9
edited January 2014 in Your mountain bikes
I already have an MTB, Single Speed, Pub Bike, and Road Bike...but following the N+1 rule I decided I needed a 26" tourer.

In exchange for a case of beer a friend of mine gave me a 90's ChroMo Dodsun Firepower in rather shitty condition...


Completely dismantled, stripped, cleaned and resprayed the frame with RustGuard (That stuff is amazing btw, super adhesive). Bought some 22.2mm diameter bullhorns and some charge faux leather bar tape. Threw on some SPD's a cheapy rigid fork and a BB7 up front. Just need a new saddle, panniers and a much shorter stem and I reckon I'm just about ready to ride to Melbourne (from Sydney)...


Will post more pics once I can afford the final bits and pieces.



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