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Right I wont beat around the bush the closest thing I have came to 2 wheels in the last 10 years is my motorbikes... I have bought a Carrera Vulcan peak edition or something as I want to loose weight and use it for commuting to work etc now again I wil add I AM A COMPLETE BEGINEER / NEWBIE.

I am hoping to use the bike for some days out up Derbyshire in time once my fitness is up but the bikes in a shoddy state to be honest ( it was second hand from a cash zone store in Leicester ) I have replaced the rear tyre with a conti MTB tyre , its missing a front brake disc , the cassette looks worn I have took it for a mile ride earlier and it took so long to engage gear does this point to a fubbard chain ? ALSO the forks were dry as a nuns naughty area , when compressed they sounded grindy so I did my best to strip down and clean what I could and added some motorbike fork oil has made them SLIGHTLY better but the seals have blown as the fork oils is just al around the stanctions.

what kind of parts should I be looking for in regards to

comfy seat .
Front brake disc .

sorry if the thread makes no sence my literature is pants


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Without knowing the current spec of the bike, it's impossible to suggest what might be compatible.
    Read Parktools or Sheldon Brown to work out what you have and what you need to do.

    Before you do random things like oil forks.
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    ps 99.9999987545781% of shifting problems are due to cruddy cables.
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    There is no secret ingredient - Kung Fu Panda

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  • the bike is completely standard I mean bog standard!

    and the forks were dry off oil the only way I can explain is the bikes a Carrera Vulcan peak spec ... 0847651490 same as the link so I am going from a base bike with stock mods.

    the forks are too far gone being a motorbike junky if the stanctions are pitted and have grazes I aint gonna trust them so I need to be pointed in the direction of a pair of begineer forks if possible
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    The forks are very basic with no fluid to leak out or even see, so a strip, clean, grease and reassemble will almost certainly see them working no worse than they did new. I's a 15 minute job so be silly not to, however even new they weren't very good.

    Please confirm yours is 3x7 gears not 3x8, if it is you almost certainly need a spin on freewheel not a cassette (count the number of teeth on the smallest gear, 14 and it's 99% certain it's a freewheel, 11 and it's a cassette).

    Chain, any 5,6,7,8 speed chain that is long enough, you'll need a chain tool to shorten and rejoin.

    Front brake disc, find out the size it should be (almost certainly 160mm) by measuring the radius to the outside edge of the pad, then buy a disc (for that bike I'd be getting a used part - for all the parts you want bar the chain) I have a few 160mm crashing around as spares I'd do cheap.

    Comfy saddle, well comfy to sit on and not riding or one you can actually ride on? That won't feel comfy straight away, but will do after a bit of riding and it won't chaif, I have a spare Carrera saddle I can do you cheap!
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