Careful riding in the dark!

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For those of you who are relatively new to riding at night time please read my blog as it could save you from a serious accident -


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    The blue text is an eye burner
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    That is horrible. Choose some sensible fonts, colours and backgrounds and I might grace your site with a visit.
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    So the guy wasn't looking where he was going and rode into something?

    Commiserations on the injuries and all that but do me a favour.
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  • DesWeller wrote:
    So the guy wasn't looking where he was going and rode into something?

    Commiserations on the injuries and all that but do me a favour.
    I agree. If the guy wasn't looking where he was going it's irrelevant whether it was dark or not! Anyway the story doesn't add up. If the passer by needed to give CPR the guy must have been dead from a serious head injury. This all just seems to be to get people to sign up for spam.
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    Can this thread be renamed to "nothing to do with cycling, just use some common sense in life."
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    Skips - Just Say No.
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    What an eedjit.
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    I'm sorry, but cycling 'blind' by putting your head down / ineffective bike lights was asking for trouble - you should only PEDAL as fast as you can safely see/stop.
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    reading that blog,makes me feel i've had a serious accident!
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  • 1/10 worst website ever.
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    I never realised that looking where you're going prevents accidents! Great blog - that's a really useful tip, thanks.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    So basically him wearing high vis would have stopped him smashing into a skip......
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    To be fair, skips are meant to be lit at night and many are not. That said, if you're not looking, it'll make sod all difference.

    Only children write, or highlight text, in primary colours - it's horrible. So, I have only scanned what was readable before my eyes gave up.
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    Before going to the blog you may consider that my reading of the entire "decals" thread was time better spent.
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    What I liked is the bit where it said he'd been riding the same route for years - so he knew every hazard.

    I've been down the stairs at home millions of times - I still look where I'm going though.
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    I stopped to check on a bloke in the summer who seemed to have been going hell for leather down a popular strava section and not spotted a couple of large bollards in the cycle lane on the road. He was in a right old state at the side of the road and hadn't a clue what had happened to him. Always good form to look where you're going.