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Cube LTD SS - now with added gears!

TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
edited February 2014 in Your mountain bikes
Had the frame and fork spare and I couldn't bear to sell them so I built up a singlespeed for wintery fun.


Cube LTD Pro
Reba RL 100mm travel 9mm QR
Superstar singlespeed kit
32t chainring with bash
16t cog
Rapid Rob tyres (plastic compound)
Crests on Switch Evo hubs
Exotic carbon bars 750mm
Exotic Al stem 60mm
Exotic catbon/Ti seatpost
Charge Spoon
Exotic foam grips
Deore 615 brakes
Weight 10.7kg


  • Love how you just have this "spare" lol I could do with a shed like yours :wink: still got enough bits left over for the other halfs Carrera?
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    Of course, got a whole 9 speed drivetrain ready to go! Just trying to grab a bargain fork on the bay.
  • Well I'm going rigid for the while so we won't be fighting over the same fork :lol: wheels are my big issue right now so if you happen to have any of those spare ;)
  • cadseencadseen Posts: 170
    Nice, I always fancied building an offroad single 'freewheel' speed, as i ride fixed on the road a lot.
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437

    Thought I'd update this.

    While my Revelations are away with Merlin, I cant use my Meta and I cant finish off my new BFe so the Cube has been reinstated as my regular ride. It still has all the carbon sillyness on it but I have added an SLX cassette, chain, shifter and rear mech to make it 1x10. The singlespeed set up was giving me jip - kept skipping when the power was on but this has been much more solid and reliable. Still weighs in around 12kg with my light and battery strapped to it. The Exotic foam grips are awful but I havent got round to changing them yet.

    Also stuck a big sticky Geax DH tyre on the front to help me out with the shocking weather at the moment, first ride on the new rubber tonight so I will report back on how a £12 tyre performs!

    When the BFe is finished, the Reba will go on my girlfriends bike and I will regretfully be saying goodbye to the Cube frame. If anyone wants to put a provisional offer in, feel free to message me.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    TwellySmat wrote:
    Exotic foam grips are awful but I havent got round to changing them yet.
    Another dissatisfied customer then, they are truly rubbish!

    Bike looks nice even with them on!
    Current steed - Whyte T129, 2013 frame, mongrel Revelations, Giant dropper, Stans S1 wheelset. 12, Magura Trail Sport brakes, 1x11. 12.8Kg
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    Yeah I should have taken your advice, no matter, this bike will be no more soon and my BFe will have proper lock ons.
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    Mental ride tonight. Handlebar-deep puddles, 60mph+ winds, horizontal rain, rock climbing with bikes on shoulders.... anyway, the Geax tyre was incredible. The combo of the big knobbly, super grippy tyre on the front and a Pacestar Nobby Nic on the back was so much fun and I can safely say that is the most confident I have felt riding on any tyre, it just felt so planted even in the slimiest clay/mud. Rolls pretty well even by XC standards too. Highly recommend it.
  • Lewis ALewis A Posts: 767
    What size is the tyre? Loving the bike.
    Cube Analog 2012 with various upgrades.
  • TwellyTwelly Posts: 1,437
    2.3 Geax DHEA (blows up big though), 2.25 Nobby Nic. Cheers!
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