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What Sufferfest vids recommended?

PaulkingkPaulkingk Posts: 689
My loving suffer inflicting partner has just got me vouchers for 3 sufferfest vids.
I race In the summer but with a new baby here time to ride is slipping, so I'm looking to get the old turbo out to keep the fitness up.
Last season with 2 missed races i finished 12th out of 190 odd riders in my catagory and age group :P
Im looking at trying to stick to one long proper ride on a Sunday for Endurance miles off road about 3hrs
Then would like to use the turbo twice in the week to build speed and power so come the summer i'm not completely uncompetitive.
Will be interesting to see if with a turbo which I have currently never used I can go from 3 off road rides and a couple of road rides a week to 2 turbo sessions and 1 off road ride a week and get some improvements :o or stay roughly where I am. :roll:

So what are the best vids on there to build speed and power?


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