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On-One 456 Carbon *Update Thread*

KiliscottKiliscott Posts: 82
edited May 2014 in Your mountain bikes
I got my 456 back in October last year, this is how she looked then.


Im slowly starting to change bits, first was that gash white saddle so that went the journey. For a new LTD black and green charge spoon.


The bike over the Xmas period got stripped down and fully serviced, the bottom bracket was shagged so i replaced it with a hollowtech BB. The creaking noise when fitted was horrendous from the left crank arm, it was double checked and still rather baffled. I then came on the internet and found the problem, Truvativ crank will only do the GXP bb or Hope now supply adapters to make there bottom bracket fit.

Bike up and running nicely, i got shot of the old wellGo pedals and they were replaced with some bright DMR V8s.


The grips were the next shout, my mate has some green hope ones hes using for his build, so i tryed them out for him. Although im not so sure???


With me being a right Bling faggot, i'll be adding some silly colours onto the bike, well not really silly colours but still looking suitable over the coming months. So i will keep this thread posted.

Thanks for looking....


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