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Genesis Volare 853

CaleidoCaleido Posts: 21
edited February 2014 in Your road bikes

Volare 853 frameset 54cm
Chris King inset7
6800 groupset
Enve 3.4 tubs w/ Vittoria Pave 25mm
Romin Evo Pro
3t pro post/stem
Fsa wing pro bar



  • ledeevledeev Posts: 184
    Wow, that's beautiful.
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  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 1,009
    I just LOVE this!
    Insert bike here:
  • majormantramajormantra Posts: 2,094
    Nice! Going to race it?
  • The FugglerThe Fuggler Posts: 1,228
    Lovely, lovely, lovely! Enjoy it!
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  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Reminds me of the bobsleigh from cool runnings. Looks awesome, makes me want to sing this:
  • Love it :D In the process of building one up myself! Thanks for some more ideas! Have you ridden it yet? Would love to know a little ride review on it?
    Check out my blog for my views and reviews:
  • ledeevledeev Posts: 184
    Why the 25mm Pave tubs?

    If the answer is 'because they're green' then fair play, it looks perfect.
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    Cervelo P3C / Cervelo P3 / Cervelo Soloist / Turner 5 spot
  • I nearly always ride paves, clinchers and tubs. The roads around Surrey and Kent are awful and I like to ride 80-90 psi.

    The new paves are really nice.

    If I go to the continent or whatever ill ride veloflex carbon/master but they're too fragile for UK most of the year.

    Carbons are my favourites.

    I've given the bike a bit of a blast. Seems nice so far. Geo is bang on and very close to my c59, handling feels very similar.

    Hope to get out more between Xmas and new year.
  • That looks lovely, enjoy 8)
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    That looks amazing! Have you got any shallow rims? Would look great with a 'spring classics' kind of vibe.
  • This is how it will normally exist...

    I have some fulcrum r5s for when the salt hits the roads.

  • Very very nice, and one of the few bikes I have seen where coloured tires actually look right.
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    That is the only modern race bike I actually like. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • BeatmakerBeatmaker Posts: 1,092
    That is REALLY nice. Want.
  • chewymk4chewymk4 Posts: 128
    Pretty much perfect! :D Love it!
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  • Sweet... love it!

    Only thing, I really don't like those "bird's beak like" saddles... it would look ace with an Arione or similar

    Other than that, spot on!
  • chewymk4chewymk4 Posts: 128
    Ugo - disagree on the saddle - reckon the Romin looks the business - they don't curve as much as you think.
    They are also probably the comfiest saddle i have ridden

    Of course i may be biased as i have them on Enigma Extensor and my Genesis! :D
    [url][/url]Giant Defy Advanced SL 1 2014
    Genesis Equilibrium custom build
    Trek Fuel EX 9 2010
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Arione is OK until you sit on it, they're OK if you have the pelvis of a seven year old but too thin for me!
  • tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
    Favourite bike on here at the moment, combination of Materials, Geometry and Colour scheme.
    Just looks right in all departments. I 'm considering my next build and have same groupset and some Ksyriums and was originally thinking of going titanium, but this has made me think.

    Never ridden an 853 frame , except on an Orange MTB, But I think at my age (43) if I can keep the weight down this might be a good option.

    Please put some more details up about the way it rides, as soon as you can. Full builds are impossible to find as a demo as Genesis are only offering framesets.
  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    Looks great, would also be interested to hear how it rides.

    I must admit, I'm not a Romin fan, tried one and found it uncomfy. I use an Arione, I think saddles with a similar rounded shape seem to favour/make it easier to get into a more aggressive position.
  • CaleidoCaleido Posts: 21
    Thanks for the nice comments!

    The romin suits the way I ride and has given me an extra 20mm reach coming from a flat saddle (a toupe).

    On the flat saddle I slouch into it arching my back for purchase. On a romin evo it makes me rotate my pelvis and straighten my back into the saddle hence changing to a 130 stem from 110. It also makes using the drops much nicer due to the taper on the nose. It irritated my lower back initially but a year on it's perfect and I have them on all bikes.

    Re the ride - I'll give more views at the end of the month. I've lost quite a bit of fitness over Xmas so don't feel 100% at all on the bike and that will cloud my judgement.

    For now, I like it. My main bike is a 56 Colnago C59 which fits and handles very similar. I picked the Volare because of this. It is stiff enough for me at 80kg, more so than any titanium bike I've ridden. I would say its equally as comfortable as my Colnago in terms of road noise, front end is firm in a good way, it's not a super plush noodley steel frame.

    Let me get 1000 miles on it and I'll compare to a bunch of bikes after.
  • CaleidoCaleido Posts: 21
    I've just had to put this in the classifieds..
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Damn, but congratulations on the other thing!
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,252
    If only it were bigger :(
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  • CaleidoCaleido Posts: 21
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Why are you selling it? Are the Enve SMARTS or Classics? If they're Smarts I'd take your wheels off you...

    I love your frame sizing, given the saddle setback and stem spacers you could easily have gone for the next size up, but you didn't. Bravo!

    Is it your fish-eye camera or is the quite a deep drop bar?
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  • CaleidoCaleido Posts: 21

    I'm due to become a dad and have too many bikes! Need to clear space and raise cash to build a new bedroom.

    I'm keeping the enves, I love them and went through the hassle of rebuilding the rear on a da hub, perfect. They're 3.4s.

    I sold all my other nice dura ace tubs already, 35s and a mint pair of c24, that was a wretch. Guess you can only ride one pair at a time so kept the 3.4

    The bar is an fsa compact so no, just 125mm drop.

    And yes I deliberately picked this size over a 56. To me it's just right like that. I prefer being more stretched out over a smaller frame, feels better. Choosing a size is also about handling right?
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    Genius Genesis...
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