my son's carrera blast 24

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Lewis has had his bike since the start of the year but have changed a few things from when it was originally bought.

now runs an RST first 24 fork (has compression and rebound adjustment) rather than the god awful suntour XCT JR. The suntour's spring was too hard and they don't sell different springs for the fork. it had preload but not adjustable compression or rebound damping. Bike would be better with a ridged fork.

The OE bars were actually quite light but not wide enough at 580mm so they were swapped for a 620mm scandium bar from eXotic.

the original brakes were useless so swapped to avid elixir 3s pretty much straight away, while the grip shifts where swapped for SRAM X3 along with the rear mech and front mech as hand me downs

F tyre is a swchalbe rocket ron and the rear is a kenda smoke. We also changed the pedals to superstar nanos and the grips to uberbike lockons.





this was pre forks, bar and pedals which he got for his birthday today



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    That looks cool mate. My lad has the same bike....given me some ideas... :D
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    Nice, does he do trials tricks on the grave stones :P
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    Ha ha, forget adjustable damping, the XCT has no damping at all....some nice upgrades there.

    It qualifies for the Carrera ht thread, link in my sig!
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  • Nice to see another pimped 24", I have one hanging on the garage wall for when my son outgrows his current Blast 20" and hands it down to his little sister. Already fitted trigger shifters to both bikes so great to see another few possibilites.
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  • Hi,

    Can I be cheeky and ask how much roughly all the upgrades cost? I am looking to get my 6 year old son a decent bike so he can come and do trails with me but nothing compares to what you have built there. It looks smart and decent kit. Can see me building him one very similar!!
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    paid £100 for the avid 3s but you can get cheaper shimano brakes now, Forks was £157 but you can get 20 inch spinner forks which work better than the crap you get with bikes, pedals are about £40, bar was £30, helmet was £38 reduced, jacket was £20 second hand, tights were £22, baselayer £8 (sports direct), top is a royal racing which was about £16 I think, gloves £8, shoes £10, front tyre was £22, rear was £10, grips were £10, shifters ETC were hand me downs from older bikes.

    you are better off just buying a cheap bike for a 6 year old as he will grow out of it quickly. best bet is to try and find a very good used one