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New 'commuter' bike

The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
edited November 2013 in Commuting chat
When we are at our parent companies site (which is huge) I get fed up with waiting around for transport to get across site, finally got the boss to approve a bike (ideal for the purpose!).

Lugged frame, lugged forks, lashings of chrome - including on the rims, rod brakes and a thick deep black colour scheme, single speed mind you and cottered cranks!

When in Rome - or in this case India.....

What a laugh, the riding experience is a hoot although it's ruddy hard work and probably weighs more than my 2 steel framed bikes put together, downhill it's awesome although with the negative stem length (with the backturned bars) the steering is 'interesting' and certainly not designed for one hand at speed, although I did pass a few scooters riding back from the shop to plant, and where do I find a pump for a woods valve?

Have a guess at the price (GBP -£)......


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