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    cougie wrote:
    I do run flashing lights through the darker months - but in the summer I don't bother. Most of the time the sun is much brighter than lights and I do tend to go for brighter jerseys.

    What is silly is the amount of rain jackets that are black or grey.

    I personally dont like Highviz jackets. I always wear black or grey jackets but what i lack in high colour I gain in reflectors and lights. I have 4 forward facing lights 2 steady (bar end lights) and 2 blinking, 3 rear lights (helmet, saddle and pannier rack). my pannier bags also have reflective waterproof bag covers and its very reflective and visible when lighted up. I also have reflective patches on my clothing (jacket, shorts, leg+arm warmers), my shoes also have reflectors. I even have spoke reflectors on both front and rear wheels. I think I am more visible at night then those wearing highviz clothing specially when lighted up with car lights but that does not stop some motorist passing to close to me. Another problem with highviz clothing is that they become dull when are dirty or when they are old and knackered. I also drive and I can see lights better than highviz clothes TBH.

    going back to the OP. rear lights, unless its very powerful is not very visible in day time. maybe on a cloudy day but not with the sun out. It wouldnt hurt if you turn them on but it can be a waste of battery.
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    I've just got a Fourth4th Scorpion so I'll be bruning the retinas of loads of drivers now! I don't ususally have a rear light on when its bright and sunny, but on these more gloomy winter days its worth having something flashing - once you've been knocked off its too late.
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