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Is this a track or BMX chain

FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
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Has anyone used one?

The dimensions fit track bikes (1/2" long by 1/8" wide) but I was not sure if there were any height or plate design differences that made this not suitable for my track bike.

I've heard that shipping a chain on a track bike is not as benign as w/ road so want ensure safety.

thanks in advance.
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  • Eddy SEddy S Posts: 1,013
    I use the KMC 710 SL Gold BMX chain on my track bike. The BMX chains have slightly more side flex over some of the dedicated 1/8" track chains. If your chain line is good and your tensioning of the chain is good then you shouldn't have any issues. I always used to use the Izumi TiN coated chains before but the BMX chain runs so much smoother and quieter.
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  • That's a cool chain, not seen cut away track chains before or ones with asym plates. How do you run the 710 SL? is the cut-away on the outside plates facing in or out?

    As FJ says, shipping a track chain is ugly.
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  • I've used a BMX chain on my track bike for all of last season and it was fine (I also flipped it over halfway through as I think it was initially installed upside down?). No problems with it at all, though was perhaps a little noisy!
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