Anyone who works for Sainsbury's delivery...

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Would you mind pointing out to your drivers that parking in a country lane, leaving lights on high beam shining down the road a good quarter of a mile while you wander in and out of someone's house to make a delivery, is really not good practice, likely contrary to the Highway Code and very dangerous to other road users.

If you're wondering where, Vicarage Lane, Send, Surrey, tonight at about 8pm.


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    Tesco and asda delivery drivers do similar around here. I suppose it's part of the price that has to be paid for internet shopping
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    A Tesco driver parked in the cycle lane and on the pavement on double yellows opposite my flat last week but Tesco were soon on the case chasing details of when where and VRN when a picture of said van was tweeted to @YPLAC with @Tesco also CC'ed on the tweet.
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    Tesco and asda delivery drivers do similar around here. I suppose it's part of the price that has to be paid for internet shopping

    Not really. They can turn the lights off!

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    What was the response from the driver when you spoke to him?
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    if it bothers you that much, take a photo and send it to sainsburys with the time and rough address, they can (might) then have a word with the driver who may then see the error of his/her ways, all that posting it here does is....



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  • I did email Sainsbury's, the response was as usual from them, underwhelming, repeating my email back to me as if I didn't know about it, then asking me basically for the exact address that the driver was at!


    I did speak to the passenger to get him to dip the lights, which he did, with an 'oh yeah'. I imagine he would do it every night until booked by Police...
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    So you asked him to dip his lights, then he did? Presumably without gobbing off or anything.
    Sounds like a friendly enough chap, out earning a living.
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    All Sainsbury's home delivery drivers are instructed to switch off the engine while making a delivery so sounds like he didn't do that either!
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    So take the key out of the ignition and throw it in the bushes :lol:
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    So, a human being makes an honest mistake which is then corrected on request.

    Am I the only person who thinks this is an overreaction?
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    No, there appears to be 2 of us
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    Nah, several years in the slammer for this one matey...
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