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Cortisone injection in knee?

mattybeckmattybeck Posts: 135
edited November 2013 in Training, fitness and health
Had lateral patellar tilt in knee for two years. Been doing leg weights which has helped it but the improvement had plateaud (sp?) off. Thinking of having a cortisone injection. Has anyone got any experience of having a cortisone injection in the knee. The tilt isn't bad (2/10).


  • bucklesbuckles Posts: 694
    Use the search. I was considering it, and was put off by other peoples' comments on here. Partly the comments about its lack of effectiveness but mostly the comment about footballers ending up crippled due to cortisone allowing them to carry on playing while injured...
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  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,585
    At 65 years of age I've pounded my body enough to have had use for more than a few cortisone injections.
    All I can say is that some of them worked and some, well, not so much. If the pain is bad enough to have you looking for solutions, I say go for it. Just take it easy for a while after the shot so things like inflamation can get a chance to go down. Don't expect a miracle.
  • pcb24pcb24 Posts: 98
    Cortisone or steroid is designed to reduce inflammation as that is it's main aim. If you have some inflammatory signs (seek a health professional to determine this) then I suggest you may benefit from the injection. However a lateral patella tilt (can you tell me who told you this was the case?), is a mechanical and not an inflammatory cause. Therefore an overactive ITB may be contributing to your lateral patella tilt and resolving this would be the cause through glute exercises would be far more beneficial than an injection. PM for more help if you need.
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