Riding pals in Lincoln area!

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Hey guys

Im looking to go on some regular trail rides and whatnot whenever i can, usually of a weekend or something! But its getting a bit boring riding solo, are there any bikers in the Lincoln area who are up for partnering up, as it were haha!
Im aiming to build fitness, have a sweet time and always improve my riding :)
Can travel to Newark area and such like is need be!

Cheers, Dom :)


  • Hi Dom,

    I live in the Boston area and the riding around my way is a bit rubbish, so if you fancy a meet up at Sherwood Pines or similar , let me know , I am free most weekends .
  • Hey, yeah that sound like a plan, been waiting to go there for a while now!

    Im free most weekends too!
  • Hi DomWolf,

    check out Sherwood Pines Cycling Club. Based at Sherwood Pines (obviously) but they run a lot of rides in and around the Pines for a variety of abilities, so you will find a ride which suits you. You'd be amazed how much trail there is in the pines, you just need to know where to look! :wink:

    Best place to find them is on Facebook, but make sure you find the club not the cycle shop! You don't have to be a member to go try a few rides out either.
  • Im a lincolnshire rider.
    I usually do sherwood pines, wakerley woods (down the A1) or peak district.
    Im up for some organised rides.
  • Yeah man, hit my email up anytime you wanna go for a ride! Im game to go anywhere! :)
  • I'm in Grantham, there's a couple of half decent rides around the vale of belvoir. Google 'stathern loop' for an idea
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  • I'll be over in Lincoln a week today in the evening with work and with my bike.

    Does anyone fancy a night ride on the 16th December about 6pm ride off?
  • L3BIUS
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    Hey I'm in nottingham! Go to sherwood pines a lot, pm and add me if you fancy riding some time!
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  • L3BIUS wrote:
    Hey I'm in nottingham! Go to sherwood pines a lot, pm and add me if you fancy riding some time!

    I'll head to Sherwood Pines about 2pm on Monday if you're about.

    I'll do 2 or 3 loops of the trail before heading to Lincoln for the night.