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I had my 58cm specialized roubaix 2008 pro nicked so when I saw a 56cm version of exact same bike on eBay I jumped at it thinking it won't make that much of a difference ( I'm 6ft 1"). I had previously written down all the measurements from crank to saddle , saddle to bars from when I road the old 58cm bike and I transferred them to the 56cm bike.

With the bike been that touch smaller my saddle is more up in the air than when riding the 58cm so I'm in a more stooped position as apposed to been sat abit more upright which I prefer. Over the 4-5 times I've been out I've noticed some pain in the right knee when peddling and more when I get off.
Which would be the best way to try to rectify this problem ?


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    It's a good possibility the seatpost angle is different twixt the two frames, only by a degree but the centre of the top of the seatpost will be a little further forward in relation to the BB. Odds on you got your saddle to bar dimension by fitting a longer stem? If you've a tablet or smart phone have a play with Size My Bike you'll probably find your saddle needs to move a bit
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    ^^This +1
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    I started getting knee pain on a ride on my normal bike.WHEN I looked into it,I found the seat had slid backwards and Had it not happened I wouldn,t have believed such a small thing could have such an effect.
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    I had a similar experience on my Roubaix when it was new. It felt fine but I got knee pain. Got out the plumb bob and tried the knee over pedal spindle test then moved the saddle 15mm forwards. Totally fixed the problem. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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