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???What Make is this, Anyone hazard a guess???

cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
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Had this Bike for a while now, great fast ride for an old giffer. Was told it was a 1970's Aluminium framed racer which I can't dispute. It is all aluminium and very light, been outfitted with more modern components shimano 105 and campagnolo gear and looks really good once cleaned and polished.

So any Idea chaps. Was thinking off selling it so it would be nice to know for the Add.











  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    If it's a welded Al frame I doubt it's from the 1970's. The only 1970's Al frame I can think of is Vitus and they were bonded (glued). Also it would have a 126 mm rear spacing which would make getting a 8/9/10 speed (130 mm) hub in pretty difficult. More lightly to be early to mid 90's.
  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    Cheers, who made Ally frames for Road bikes then, Loads I bet!
  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,948
    It's fairly early 90s if it is - note the D/T levers

    As for type, are you sure it's aluminium? Steel seems more likely

    Cannondale kicked off mid-70s but they'd be obvious as fat tubes 'n' all

    There was a batch of Kettlers imported in the 80s, not sure about their build method but was skinny tubed

    As a PS, my local bike fiddler Spirit bikes have an old Vitus ally bike hanging up in their workshop - red, no less. It's clucking gorgeous.

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  • CrampeurCrampeur Posts: 1,065
    It could be an Alan?
  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    It is definately an alloy frame. Not magnetic and the welds are as you would expect but dressed smooth.
  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    Added some Photos after a bit of a clean. Any better?
  • It is a bicycle and anyone's guess unless it is stamped who made it... it is whatever you want it to be... if you want it to be a Pinarello, get some decals, otherwise write your name on it or leave it as it is
  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    Ok, thanks for the advice, no intention of altering it.
  • I am a big fan of Shimergo setups and as such it gets my vote!
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,157
    Hmm, old 'Dale a possibility indeed. But the forks don't look like anything fitted from the factory on those. Maybe browse the pics in the old catalogs here:

    You can check by looking on the inner face of the dropouts - if there are initials engraved there, it probably is. They used to do that - whoever was the welder who made each frame would put their initials there.
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  • secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,948
    Still not convinced it's a 'dale, and didn't Alan frames have the same lugged construction as Vitus?

    Early Giant/etc - did these come with D/T shifters?

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  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    Looked through all the historic Dale photos from that website and think I have ruled them out. None of them have the rear brake cable going through the top tube like this one.

    Try Giant next!
  • Not sure that it is a Giant, think they had a mono stay...could be a Coyote, they were around in the early 90's, made some quite nice Mtn Bike and road frames.
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  • Yellow PerilYellow Peril Posts: 4,466
    Any clues on the underside of the bottom bracket shell? Perhaps there's a frame no. with an identifiable prefix or suffix

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  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,786
    Looks like a Shogun to me. They were the first Ali frames I remember seeing a lot of.
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,157
    Didn't notice the internal brake cable routing. I'd have suggested an Avanti Giro Pro from the mid 90's, as I had one which looked very similar to that but IIRC the brake was external route. They did do nice alloy frames back then though. Can't find much on them online.
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  • YostiYosti Posts: 36
    It could be an early Principia 700. I know that the drop is not the same but they made alot of different models

  • cljcarscljcars Posts: 18
    Well, thats interesting, The fine detail considered it could be either of those makers.

    Thanks for you help chaps, The Knowledge on here is exceptional.

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