Where to buy Epic comp/expert frameset?

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Well like many others I'm looking for a FS 29 and sure the internet germans and others offer some nice bikes but Specialized and their brain is something I like. The problem is the components, if I'm gonna pay 2000-4000 euro I expect more than they offer and thats why I started to search frameset.

The idea is a new frameset like Epic comp or expert with shock's, brain and autosag, is this something any dealer can order or not? Sure I found some online but not much, someone must know? =0)


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    Bikescene appear to be able to get them: CLICK
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    Thanks! Really good tip =O)

    Sent them an email.
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    Spesh don't sell frames, they'll be warranty ones. Whether obtained legitimately (quite possible) or not!
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    But they do according to Specialized when I asked them about a year ago, however they do not offer custom service:

    "Any changes or special specifications other than how they are advertised would only be able to be changed with your shop according to their store policies."

    And that's why I'm asking which shop that sees the benefit with this service.