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Sciatica :(

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Recently took my bike to Wales and enjoyed a couple of short runs but some testing hills.
On the third day went to tie my shoe lace and ..... crippling agony of the trapped nerve :(:(

Do I rest? Try and use? I've did plenty of walking & climbing after the event and no worse but still can't put my socks on in the morning well pi$$ed off, especially when I've had some time off and next few days look settled.


  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    I have had Sciatica. Its nasty. Shooting pains up your leg and censored . Best is rest and take plenty of ibuprofen. It may sound strange but try not to stay inactive. You need to keep a mild level of mobilty, but stay off the bike as hard as it is to resist.
  • grim168grim168 Posts: 482
    Look on youtube for some suitable exercises. They helped me. We also changed our matress for a memory foam and that seems to help. had back pain on and off for years after rupturing a disc. It kicked off again for no reason a couple of months ago and was as bad as first injured. doc gave me diazapam. Hot water bottle is good as well.
  • #david2012#david2012 Posts: 275
    Thanks smoggy ... Very hard to stay off the bike
    Time hopefully will be the best healing.

    Cheers grim will do...not my first experience either but need to manage this quickly
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Not good ... And extremely painful. Hope you are sorted soon
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    My Father has had this since around March. He's spend half the year hunched over wincing in pain whenever he moves :(

    Hope you get better soon David.
  • The fact that this was caused after bending over to tie your shoelace may suggest that you have a prolapsed disc that is causing the sciatica.

    I did this a few years ago, and it was horrible. Approx 18 months of strong painkillers until I persuaded my doctors to give me an MRI scan to confirm the prolapsed disc, and then surgery to sort it out.

    I'd suggest going to the doctors to get a proper medical opinion. There may be something more serious going on!

    Get well soon!
  • Sorry to hear you've joined the back pain club.
    I've had sciatica now for many years and finally had confirmation through an MRI scan that I have a herniated disc, however all is not lost.
    From my experience I found that riding when you can is very beneficial as it warms the area and promotes healing of the inflamed tissue, most sciatica will resolve itself over a period of 4-6 weeks using NSAID drugs and gentle stretching.
    The best way to find out is trial and error, I have many times rolled my bike out of the garage to only get to the end of the close and turn round, however I have also had some of my best rides when I have to sit crossed legged to even get my socks on.
    If you have a weak back, you may also benifits from regular core strength exercises such as the plank to lessen the chance of recurring episodes.
    Hope all goes well, remember to listen to your body.
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    Find yourself an Oestiopath. They can give you a good massage which will ease it and give you some stretching exercises to do to help the recovery process and preven it recurring
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    t4tomo wrote:
    Find yourself an Oestiopath. They can give you a good massage which will ease it and give you some stretching exercises to do to help the recovery process and preven it recurring


    I occasionally get it and normally stretching helps. Resorting to couch potato status is not good.
  • ProffProff Posts: 41
    I had a prolapsed disc also, which damaged my S1 nerve. This was confirmed by an MRI scan. Numbness all down my right leg and pain in my foot and three smallest toes. Lost all strength in my right calf. Couldn't raise my heel off the ground.
    That was 18 months ago. Didn't have surgery. I recommend you try and get hold of this book.
    It was recommended to me by my physio. ... 0958269203
    Even if you don't have sciatica I think it is really good as a preventitive measure.
  • Thanks for your replies everyone..
    Update.. A friend has loaned me a nobbly roller which I've used for the past couple of days and it has relieved the pain.
    Weather this evening was lovely so I couldn't stop myself just having a quick spin out... And had zero pain
    I'm hoping I might be lucky and escape this bout without being off the bike for too long :)
  • Just as a marker - my wifes sciatica was healed with acupuncture after everythign else suggested here hadn't worked. Keep doing the stretches to make it stay away!
  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    When I had it I found cycling actually helped. Although out of the saddle efforts were uncomfortable.
    I used to do 60 miles no prob hen get off the bike in agony just trying to walk.

    Hope you get it sorted soon, I has physio to stretch out my muscles, it hurt a lot but worked.

  • I've got a couple of degenerated discs but in general things are OK but every now and then it'll go "ping" and I'll be semi crippled for a while.

    I try to stay active as I find that if I sit or lie for a while it just gets really stiff and uncomfortable. I went to a physio who actually said that cycling can be quite good although you shouldn't ride in a drawn out racing position or have the seat too high. Cycling causes your pelvis to gently rock as you ride which gently loosens the back muscles.

    I also do gentle stretches, particularly of the hamstrings which if tight, pull down on the back muscles causing pain. I also do gentle strengthening exercises - the stretching and strengthening really helps. When my back is not bad I do a lot of core exercise - the plank, side plank etc etc which helps a lot as stronger core and back muscles help keep the back in check. If things are really bad I take ibuprofen/NSAID but I try not to use drugs if poss
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  • Sciatica, had it for 2 years, cured now... google Piroformis Stretch. Usually caused by the Piroformis muscle in a tight and contracted state, it brushes your sciatic nerve thus causing the referred pain. A stretch or so a day should do it...

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