tri shorts, that actually good for cycling

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Got Tri coming up and coming from a pair of castelli body paint shorts I'm concerned the Tri ones well destroy my jewels...

Any recommendations of good Tri shorts?..
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    Why don't you tri asking in Triathlon Plus discussion :P
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  • joenobody
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    Depends on the distance I suppose. I've done 28km in my Sugoi trisuit with no problems. The pad in that is significantly thinner than in my Shutt bibs. You'd probably be ok up to Olympic distance in most tri kit. Beyond that just take your bibs and change in transition.
  • graeme_s-2
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    I've done a half iron distance race in a tri suit. I normally like good quality bibs for cycling, but I've never had any problems with a tri suit. I think generally my mind is otherwise too occupied to notice any minor discomfort from a thin chamois.
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    I've done IM distance in a tri suit - the shorts are the least of your worries. I do quite like my Fusion tri shorts - they're very well made - they are a snug fit though.
  • jordan_217
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    I managed to find a pair of Craft cycle specific waist shorts that had a decent (Craft refer to it as 'Elite') chamois. I had no problems with the added bulk or it retaining water after a swim.

    You could always just buy a pair of cheap DHB waist shorts. I wouldn't use cycling ones for pool swims though, the chlorine would reduce their lifespan.
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    Mainly race middle distance using 2xu shorts and top. Although the pads thin I've had no problems with discomfort and they're fine for the run too.
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