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Im looking to buy a Ragley Marley or Piglet but dont know if I should get an 18" or 20" frame. Im a smidgen over 6 foot, I've been riding my trusty Stumpjumper FSR (large) for the last 9 years and its time to upgrade.

Ive never been on a long travel hardtail and no shop stocks Ragley up here in Scotland so I cannae get a shot of one!

I generally ride in bike parks and local trails but I dont want to feel too cramped on the bike so I can go on longer rides if need be.. Ive been comparing the geo's against my current bike and there aint much in it in terms of top tube length and such like..

Also is there much of a difference between the piglet and the marley, I know the geo's are the same, I decided to go for the aluminium Marley to keep the weight down and I thought a steel frame might be a bit over kill for me as Im old and dont launch off 7ft drop offs..

Has anyone got an opinion on this?

Ta muchly!


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    Im a bit over 6' aswell and ride a 16" (medium) long travel hardtail for freeridey and downhill stuff. Its perfect size for me and I think an 18"(large) would of been too big for me. For XC riding just wack the saddle right up and it's fine.
  • You ride a 16"? What its like riding uphill?

    It's a totally new world for me this, Im used to riding xc bikes..

    And cheers for the advice!
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    Not too bad surprisingly, but I just push up to save energy! Long travel hardtails aren't really for going up hills.

    Yeah I ride a 16", my mate is about 6' 5 and he rides the same frame in the same size as me as well.

    TBH, I'd really make an effort to have a go on a couple of LT HTs to find out your preferences.
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    Although a different bike it's the same sort that I ride, long travel hard tail (see my sig). I rode a FS XC bike for several years and never really got on with it, was a bit tame for my riding style. I took the plunge and switched very much the same as you are. Best thing I ever did.

    I am 6'3 and went with a large. Apparently the size on Commencal Ramones is determined by length, well thats what I was told. I think a large would be best for you. I looked at Ragleys for a while and I would have just gotten away with a large.
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    Forget Ragley, they're build quality and paint jobs are ropey........ google it........ gone from worse to worse since Brant left for On-one.
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    Im a 6'1" and looking at the geometry I would say definitely a 20" for me but I may be a different shape to you.
    You can't use height as a size guide. Compare the geometry to your Stumpy.
  • MTBUK wrote:
    Forget Ragley, they're build quality and paint jobs are ropey........ google it........ gone from worse to worse since Brant left for On-one.

    So what you recommend?? I've got about 350 to spend and it must have a 1.5" headtube for my forks I bought..
  • pesky_jones
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    What forks have you got?
  • Got a pair of Fox Talas 150 off CRC for £320, seemed like an epic deal, they've got a 1.5" steerer which kinda limits me on frames though..
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    Have they got the FIT damper? Not a bad deal.

    You'll be able to find a frame! I havnt heard anything bad about ragleys honestly
  • Yeah they've got the FIT thing.. The ragleys appeal to me cause they're built in the UK and the Marley has a rasta flag on it. What more can you ask for?!!

    And if the paint peels of I'll chin them for a new one..

    I emailed Ragley yesterday and asked them, they just got back to me a recommened the 18".. Im gonna have a snoop round some bike shops and see if I can get a shot of something similar..
  • pesky_jones
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    Sorry! you wern't even looking at a blue pig, ignore.
  • Its a nice fecking bike though!!!
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    Ragley frames are made in Taiwan, not the UK.
    They are ok nothing special but not bad.
    1.5 steerer really limits frame choice, thats the reason why forks with 1.5 steerers are always discounted.
  • I'm 6'2 and have an 18" Piglet (2011 frame.) I believe the Marley is just an aluminium version of the Piglet. I don't feel the frame is too small for me, I have 20mm layback seat post and 55mm stem and the reach is fine. I've always found it pretty comfortable, a nice balance between an all day slogger and fun, mess about bike (I only have the one so it has to do everything!)
    MTBUK wrote:
    Forget Ragley, they're build quality and paint jobs are ropey........ google it........ gone from worse to worse since Brant left for On-one.

    I've seen these threads, but I've got no complaints.
  • Cheers Frank, thats just the kinda advice I was looking for!!

    Think the 18" is the way to go, I measured my stumpy the other night and its a 19" but the toptube is only 7mm longer that the 18 Marley..

    Im gettin it!!