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Training for different type of races

dannyharrisdannyharris Posts: 217
Just a thought. My local CC have 10 mile TT races in the summer. And normal road races.
Really thinking about joining up for next year, how ever I'm not sure what I will be better in doing

What are the training differences in the types of races?

The club do Sunday runs of around 60 miles at around 17mph. I seem to struggle riding at this pace. Think it's a little too slow. I have been out with them twice and tend to sit up front with the lead rider. But keep getting told to ease the pace.

I feel most comfortable when climbing and get great satisfaction from it. And don't think my stamina would be good enough for TT racing.

Any ideas what I should aim to be doing or attempting?

Don't have a heart rate monitor or cadence monitor so I guess training me be hard for now.


  • Starting out?

    I'd suggest just go race all sorts of races and learn and have some fun doing it. The physiology necessary to be good for most raod racing events is reasonably similar*, with variations depending on the nature of the course elevation profile. There are other major differences though in the way the races work and the level of skill and experience that goes into doing well.

    IOW from a training perspective, improvements in sustainable aerobic power (like that required for TT riding) are of primary importance and will hold you in good stead for most racing, and then you layer on top of that specific event demands. The steady power demands of TT and hillclimbing are not dissimilar, the main performance difference being the former is a primarily function of power output and aerodynamics, that latter primarily a function of power output and weight.

    Go race, have fun, learn, make friends.

    * Pithy Power Proverb - "It's an aerobic sport, dammit" - A. Coggan
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