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Lower Arm Pain

CosmicbikeCosmicbike Posts: 23
Hi folks. Wondering if anybody can advise. Whilst not new to cycling, I am new to road cycling and drop bars. Normal ride is a Trek hybrid, with rides typically 35-40 miles on towpaths, quiet roads etc for 3-4hrs. Always have a tea stop :)

I'm on the recovery from a 9 day hospital stay for compartment syndrome of the anterior thigh (quads), followed by a very painful dose of rhabdomyolysis, and borderline kidney failure as a result. As such my cycling activities are a little limited, typically 10 miles at 10 - 12mph average, all on the flat. I lost a lot of muscle and it's a steady build up to my former health.

Anyway, I had ordered a new road bike (to see if I liked it) prior to my hospital visit, and it arrived the day after being discharged. A very nice, budget Trek 1.2. Went out for the first time today, and after 5 miles experienced quite a bit of lower arm pain, on the outside of my arms between elbow and wrist. Moving the saddle back a few mm may have helped but hard to tell. I was on the 'hoods' the whole time, and trying to keep shoulders relaxed/elbows bent. My question, is this normal? Should I expect some discomfort? I'm used to suspension forks so maybe I just need to man up, but have no desire to have hospital food again...
Probably worth mentioning no professional bike setup has been done..



  • your body will take a little while adjusting to the road set up.

    tyre pressures, I drop the front on longer rougher rides to 100 from 120 psi which helps a bit

    flipping the stem is a quick way of making it more comfortable and/or moving the stem up the spacer stack

    Change position regularly e.g. drops,hood,tops

    flexible hamstrings also help so worth doing a bit of stretching
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