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Saddle swap

finchamfincham Posts: 20
edited October 2019 in The saddle swap shop
Has the thread been discontinued?

I have a toupe 143 in white . Gel version in good condition

Looking for a romin in white also


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    The saddle swap thread is in the road parts sale section.
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  • its now empty though - what happened to all the posts??
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  • I can't find that thread either ... what a waste of great utility for the community if it's gone ...
  • Yes,i have two saddles that could go to better homes but where is the thread?
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  • No Idea if this is even a live section, so will keep it brief:
    I have a New Fizik Arione in White, looking to swap for an Arione in Black.

    Let me know if anybody sees this & wants to do a reverse swap?
  • handfulhandful Posts: 920
    I guess this is a start all over again thread!

    I have a Fizik Aliente in black and white or a white Prologo Scratch and I'm looking for an Antares or Antares Versus. If there is any interest then I will happily post pics etc. My Aliente is barely used and immaculate, the Prologo is v good but not as immaculate as the Aliente.
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  • I have a new black Bontrager Paradigm RL in 138 width. It has literally been out for about 50 miles. Weighs a respectable 215 grams and £90.

    Looking to swap a Fizik Arione.

  • Here we go again..... :)

    I have an immaculate Spesh Romin Pro in black and red, retails for over £80, and Im after a Fizik Antares in black with the red corners.
  • Giant Sport Trail barely used, just a tad wide for me...would like to move to something slimmer... why?

  • Hey, I'm after a Fizik Antares or Antares Versus, or a Planet X Superlight saddle. Ideally any of those in black or white but would consider other colours and would consider buying them outright if none of the below take your fancy.

    I've got a Fizik Arione (black), Selle Italia SL XC in white with red stripe, and a couple of Charge Spoons for trade/PX.

    Let me know!
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  • Would you be willing to sell your Fizik Arione?
  • woodsman wrote:
    Would you be willing to sell your Fizik Arione?

    Yes, but only once I've got a replacement for it. Currently I've got PX Superlight on my roadbike which is lovely and comfy and the Arione on my trackbike which is alright, but not perfect. I'm really keen to try an Antares, see if the extra width (which the PX seems to have compared to the Arione) will solve this. Or just get hold of another PX superlight, which'd tide me over.

    Once I've got a replacement, the Arione is gonna go. I'll let you know!
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  • Thanks..good luck with your hunt.
  • Have two Specialized Toupes (143mm), 1 black and 1 white, both in good condition with just the odd minor scuff, and looking to swap for a Romin 143mm, either colour.
  • I've got a dark blue fizik aironre wana swap for a white one.
  • indypindyp Posts: 735
    I have a Black Specialized Toupe + 155mm in perfect condition, looking to swap for a 143mm same colour.
  • Hi,

    I very recently bought a Fizik Antares with manganese rails from a BR person for £38 posted but had one uncomfortable ride on it and realised it's not for me. Would at the moment just be interested in selling it, ideally for what I paid for it... Any interest?
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  • einribaeinriba Posts: 319
    Hoping someone on this thread can help.

    I've pretty much always ridden the older shape flite titanum.

    I bought the new one - wtf have they done? Sooo uncomfortable!


    I've tried fizik and specialized toupe....both horrible! Not sure where to turn next - and saddles aint cheap!

    Has anyone found the same issue with the new flite after using the old one and managed to find one that is similar??? oh, and preference is that it's white!
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  • bucklesbuckles Posts: 694
    I have two of these Selle San Marco SKN. One is older and scuffed, one has no scuffs and is almost immaculate.

    I'd like to swap for a white Selle Italia SL if possible... not the 'flow' one with the hole in the middle but this one:
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  • Have a couple of Selle Italia Yutaaks - one is the Flow model with the cutout and matte finish cover, the other has the Lorica shiny cover with non-slip central panel. Both have titanium Rails - let me know if you'd like pics - both saddles are in decent nick. I'm only swapping them out because my new seatpost won't take an 8mm rail.



    I'm looking to sell or to swap for a very good condition Charge Spoon / Charge Scoop in a predominantly black colourway, or with a bit of white or red in it. Prefer Ti rails too but happy to consider without - cash one way or the other if needs be too.
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  • einribaeinriba Posts: 319
    Hi all,

    I've got a selle italia filante bum and it aren't getting along.

    Would like to swap/PX for selle italia flite in white.

    Getting up is the second hardest thing in the morning
  • finchamfincham Posts: 20
    I still have a white 143mm toupe , looking for a romin or a 155 toupe in white
  • I have an almost brand new (80 miles max) Specialized Romin Evo Pro in Black. Would like a normal romin pro or £70 posted?
  • I have just purchased a Prologo Naga Evo Pro 2 off someone on here. Would prefer a tri or time trial saddle of anyone is upnfor a worries if not.
  • I am after an antares in black or blue or black/blue .kium rails

    I have the below, will swap or part ex for the above if you have!!

    Fizik antares braided carbon rail saddle. White with red corners. Used for a dozen rides only, unfortunately has wall scuff on left side. No marks on rails

    Fizik arione cx saddle. White/lime green (Cannondale edition)
    Scuffed on rear rip and on one edge
  • I have a Adamo Road saddle (72 miles use) and am looking for a Cobb max

  • zybernutzybernut Posts: 157
    brand new turbo leather saddle in black, looking to swap for the same turbo but in suede. I bought it thinking it was suede.

  • samg123samg123 Posts: 275
    I have a Selle Italia Thork:

    Would like to swap for an Arione or an SLR flow XC- condition not too important- it's for the winter bike
  • samg123samg123 Posts: 275
    Oops, meant to be a PM!
  • I have a Arione in white with hollow magnesium rails. No scuffs or marks on the saddle at all and no rubbing to the wording.

    Would like to swap for a white or black, or black & white Prologo Scratch or Nago.

    Please email or PM if interested.
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