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Gatorade Refund - Team Sky Tour De France Deal

skinnerooonyskinnerooony Posts: 35
Anyone heard any news on their Gatorade refund yet? I've sent the form off etc. but not heard anything back?



  • NickooNickoo Posts: 85
    im the same, not heard anything back
  • How much money we talkin here?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • About £20 for me, not the end of the world if I don't get it as I needed some stuff anyway, but I'll give Gatorade some grief if they screw everyone over.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,256
    Probably better off asking this question in a different forum, tbh..
  • Cheque received today! You gotto love free stuff!
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