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Grinding pain _ Hip impingement ?

kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,148
My Tale of injury woe goes back over 2 years. Recently I thought I was progressing but it seems not.

Briefly the history. A horrible grinding in buttocks when cycling – I tried to push through 2 years ago – but it got so bad I couldn’t sit in any chair for months. I had to carry a daft cushion around with me.

I have Had, MRI’S X-rays, Ultrasound – all show nothing. I gotta see an consultant in sports injury – who studied the scan and examined me. He made a tentative diagnosis of hamstring tendonathapy – and some the cross frictional massage did alleviate some of the soreness.

I go to pilates, swim, and do core work in the gym – whilst this makes me feel better – it doesn’t address the ongoing issue.

I know diagnosis by internet isn’t great – But I am wondering if I have Hip impingement syndrome? – it would seem strange that all the consultants and scans have missed this – but were it a soft tissue injury surely I would have seen some improvement by now.

I wonder if any physio’s out there or people with experience of hip impingement (also know as FAI) would be able to comment.

Any comment greatly appreciated (please don’t tell me to see my GP – as I have already visited numerous times)

Changed saddles, pro bike fit all done.
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