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Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0

mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
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Size is medium (or 56 cm), equipped with mechanical Dura Ace 9000 and Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels.


  • graemehograemeho Posts: 36
    you were lucky mine also just arrived 14 weeks wait! with acknowledged delivery delays. First ride out tomorrow all being well.
  • mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
    I added some photos.
  • MarkjaspiMarkjaspi Posts: 729
    Nice ride
    Cipollini Bond
    Pinarello GAN
  • ben16vben16v Posts: 296
    awesome looking bike! and cracking photos - how did you get it to stand up?
    but your valves are not at 6 oclock sorry lol
    i need more bikes
  • pablo872pablo872 Posts: 80
    sutton harbour...plymouth?
  • lawrenceslawrences Posts: 1,011
    I've seen a couple of these posted on here but yours is the first that defies gravity.
  • mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
    It is Sutton Harbour yes. I used a piece of perspex and mild Photoshopping... apologies for the valves.
  • CubicCubic Posts: 594
    Very nice looking bike and photos.

    Is it possible to take pics like that on my simple Panasonic Lumix compact? Is there a name for that technique, getting the foreground really sharp and the background blurry - something I could google? Thanks!
  • mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
    Depth of field is the term used, in this case shallow depth of field. It's controlled by the aperture of the lens (thats the f-numbers such as f/4), as well as the distance between the subject and the background, and the focal length of the lens.

    If your camera has an aperture-priority or manual exposure mode then you can control depth of field to an extent although a long lens helps.
  • CubicCubic Posts: 594
    Thanks for the info, I always like those types of photos, especially for showing off bikes! I'll have a look at what my little camera can do.
  • mechanismmechanism Posts: 891
    I forgot to mention sensor size as another factor - better get that in before someone points out the error.
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