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Mr Wenger, do us all a favour

the playing mantisthe playing mantis Posts: 2,129
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and f right off.


  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 15,903
    And be replaced by whom?
    The only teams that finish above him have a greater pot of gold to buy/pay for players. The fact that he produces sides to compete is remarkable.
    Fans are so fickle. Gooners want to be careful what they wish for.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    Arsene Wenger's Updated Transfer List:
    Julio Cesar ✖
    Rooney ✖
    Fellaini ✖
    Jovetic ✖
    Fabregas ✖
    Higuain ✖
    Bernard ✖
    Suarez ✖
    Gustavo ✖
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  • seanoconnseanoconn Posts: 9,236
    He'a qualifying for Europe every year, the club is making money, the board are happy with him, so he's going nowhere. Fans don't matter
    Pinno, מלך אידיוט וחרא מכונאי
  • Ballysmate wrote:
    And be replaced by whom?
    The only teams that finish above him have a greater pot of gold to buy/pay for players. The fact that he produces sides to compete is remarkable.
    Fans are so fickle. Gooners want to be careful what they wish for.

    plenty of options. jurgen klopp for one name.

    arsenal have the 3rd/4th highest wage budget in the last few years. much much greater than tottenahm, evertone etc. however they scrape 4th place on the last day of the season. is this good value of that spend? no. its not far off the top 3s wage budget, but how many points are they ahead? lots.

    he refuses to spend money he has. the club are competing willingly with one hand tied behind their back, purely because of the mangager. thats not to mention his crappy signings, ridiculous 'socialist' wage structure, faith in crappy players, almunia in goal for 4 year anyone??

    i could go on. times up arsene. goodwill has run out. you were great your not now. youve undone all your good work. time to go.
  • seanoconn wrote:
    He'a qualifying for Europe every year, the club is making money, the board are happy with him, so he's going nowhere. Fans don't matter

    money is made through player sales. ridiculous wages and awful commercial performance bring it down.

    i tend to agree with ur points thought apart from the fickle nature of the man. if the crowd turn on masse he will walk i think. he hates even the slightest criticism from the fans. dont' think his ego could take the whole bowl screaming at him every week.

    this clse season is the fianl straw for many.
  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 15,903
    You know that Klopp is interested do you? And all the other options?
  • we pay 7.5mill a year in wages to the manager. thats was the most in england, i thnk mourinho my be on more now.

    im sure the pull of 7.5m benjamins would make most managers somewhat interested. add to that the reputation and prestige (stuil just about) of a club of our size,a nd the fact that there is plenty og f backing in the trnasfer market, should you want it, plus the project of getting the club back where it should be, would also appeal to most mangers...indeed the likes of ancelottie and hiddink have in the recent past expressed interest should the chance ever arise.

    and if you dont try you will never know. people are scared of change.
  • quelle, surprise.

    i can hear the beep, its supermarket sweep

    time again.

    just go man, go. 20m on michu, dont u even dare.
  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780

    I am neither pro nor anti Arsenal btw
    "I get paid to make other people suffer on my wheel, how good is that"
    --Jens Voight
  • edhornby wrote:

    I am neither pro nor anti Arsenal btw

    no lets just let a senile old tw at carry on regardless refusing to spend any oney, and then having a mad dash at inflated prices with a week of the transfer window left, picking up the choicest bits no one else wanted. thats makes perfect sense.

    the article which i didnt read, after seeing the title (i have read stuff on this before) is applicable to teams usally at the lower end of the table, and fails to take into account individual circumstances and the madness of mr wenger (not spendning any money before the season starts, etc etc)
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Anyone with a**e in their name has got to be all right with me ...
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    From the beeb:


    "The AST has called on the club to invest some of their available money - they have a reported cash balance of £154m, which is almost as much as the rest of the other 19 clubs in the Premier League combined."

    AST=Arsenal Supporters Trust
  • its about time the ast stopped blowing smoke up the clubs a*se. but the bsms letter is cak. missing the elephant in the room
  • pinnopinno Posts: 45,776
    After our performance against AV at the weekend, woe is me. I am going to wear black.

    I think Arsenal need to crash big time and end up somewhere down the foor of the table. All we are doing is 'ticking over' but thats never going to win trophies. If Arsenals forms seriously dipped and we languished down the table, maybe we could re-build, start with a clean sheet and get some momentum. I was always an admirer of Wengers playing style. I will always be grateful for the 'Henry' years but its time to go Arsene - Aurevoir et merci, mais nous voudrais une autre époque.

    Laudrup for manager?
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • another myth is that we play good football these days, we dont, for the last few years, its been tippy tappy sideways no end product slow boring cr*p. long gonr are the fast atatcking days of henry, pires, wiltord et al.
    united and even the scum play more attaractive football than us the last few years.

    you are right pinarello, in that it has to get worse (much worse) before it gets better, otherwise we will just carry on bumbling into mediocrity as we have been. i dont trust him to turn things around any more so a fresh approach completely is needed. i would take laudrup.

    the trouble is the board may give him a new contract. i cant see them sacking him however bad it gets.the only way he will go is if he resigns, and he will only do that if the pressure from fans becomes too intense (and his supporters are dwindling in number even more so after the villa game), or at the end of his current contract, that is if he heasnt been offered a new one.

    a sad end to a once great manager.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    And now you're scratching around offering pennies for the second best French midfielder in the PL. You are correct, it's a sign of the times and Wenger's very strange attitude that you think you can do business with Newcastle for Cabaye but can't do business with Southampton for Schneiderlin.
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  • cabaye is not what we need. hes a decent midfielder, but hes no better than arteta, hes not the defence/box to box player we have needed for years.

    ashley will sell at a certain price as hes greedy, but cabaye would be no more than squad players, and we can now be held to ransom. madness!

    and if we sign michu and williams for 35-40m well i dont know what the hell he thinks hes doing.
  • All you whinging Arsenal fans need to be careful what you wish for. My first ever game watching my team was an FA cup final against Arsenal in '93. Just look at how things have gone for both clubs since then. One has been to a Champions league final, the other in to league 1 twice.

    If Wenger leaves then the whole philosophy of the club leaves with him. That is more than just a few million quid to replace. You only have to look at how much money teams like City and Chelsea have had to spend to get on a level with Arsenal. They both have sugar daddies that will pump in millions. Sadly for Arsenal they need to realise they can't compete with that and Wenger's more 'organic' way of doing things seems to yield Champions League football year on year. What would you rather, win an FA cup every 5/6 years or qualify for the UCL EVERY year?

    The grass isn't always greener.
  • what are you talking about???

    the philosophy of the club is rotten.

    i don't wish to appear rude but you don't know what you are talking about, and are completely unqualified to. if you were a manc or a mouser, sure thing, you can comment from a comparable position.

    comparing a club that isn't, and historically hasn't been, even clear cut the biggest in a small city in the last 70 odd years, Wednesday, to one of the English games top 3 clubs of all time isn't exactly like for like....

    even the media are turning and stating the obvious. grass isn't always greener is a uninformed comment from someone who doesn't have any idea of the known facts or situation at the club. look into those facts then come back with grass isn't always greener comments...people shouldnt be scared of change.

    sorry rant over.
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552

    This^^^^^^ and I am a life long Arsenal fan.

    After Gazidis statements in June after we'd just scraped 4th, to then go and let Higuain join Napoli , Gustavo go to Wolfsburg and then make a ridiculous bid for Suarez based on his understanding of his contract, just makes us look like a bunch of Cunts.

    Newcastle will mug us off on Cabaye , not that he's the answer.
    Swansea wont move on Williams and Michu (Not that I m convinced on the later there).

    Personally I would beat United to Fellani and Baines( and probably Jagielka as well)

    Put the wind up Szczeney by getting Oliver Baumann from Frieburg.

    Still we ll get past Fenerbahce on a technicality and Wenger can once again claim to achieved EPL status on a limited budget.

    I sometimes wonder that he dare not spend the same as City , Chelsea or Utd as then he would have no excuse for not winning anything for 8 Years,
  • spot on tim, your not on online gooner by chance as your comments are similar to there.

    if he spends the money and still fails, whats his excuse?

    what outsiders dont see is the fact its not about trophies. i dont care about trophies, sure there nice, but i dont think we have a god given right to win them. what i care about is actually trying to improve year on year, and trying to compete, by using those resources we do have available, to their fullest extent. not spending anything, suffering rigid tactics, putting up with clearly not good enough players (almunia in goal for 4 years), handing out big contracts to unproven players, who then cant be shifted (NB52) and making the same mistakes over and aover again and not learning from them, is not using your resources to their fullest extent.

    add to this the debacle of this summer and the unforgivable situation where we find ourselves in now, not having enough senior players for a full match day squad, making no signings bar a ligue deux injury prone wannabee postman, despite claiming we could now compete financially and stating the importance of integrating new players fully before the season starts, and claiming that the same squad, minus some admittedly useless (gerv) fringe players, that scraped 4th by a point from the scum (despite the massive wage spends of both clubs) could compete for the title this season with 0 additions, just caps it all off. i'm just glad i flogged my ST this season as im sick of paying over a grand to watch the same mistakes being made year on year.

    i think if we lose to fulham and get knocked out of the CL and lose to the scum (a match im dreading) he may just do the decent thing and walk.

    in a way Gazidis has given him rope to hang himself by saying we had this warchest. thus its the managers fault if it doesnt get used.

    as someone so sucintly put it: In a f* cked up paradox the only thing worse than Wenger not spending any money is him actually spending it!!!
  • also i saw that vid too its on the OG, hes spot on, although a bit p8ssed!!

    i dont want michu or williams. they are not good enough. if we spend 25+m on them it will be shocking, the trouble is everyone knows we are desperate and we are panicking and can hold us to ransom. why they dont just sign cesar from qpr on the cheap is beyod me, a senior gk is a must. the higuain farce is unforgivable, madrid jacked up the price...we should have just matched napoli. the guy is quality, and twice the layer michu is. if we end up spendning 20-25m on michu that makes it worse that were not willing to pay 32m for higuain.

    the only high level strikers left that we might have a chance of are martinez at porto and lopes at some spanish club. suarez was always a pipe dream especially after annoying liverpool with the +£1 bid. rooney would not join us either. whatever happens we are screwed!
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Wenger pisses me off and i don't even support Arsenal, i'd hate to be a gooner!
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    The thing that really hacks me off, is Why can a team like Liverpool (Okay I m talking post 2005 here) have a chairman and a board that will refuse to sell their Star Player to a premiership opponent knowing the damage it will do to the club.

    Yet we let RVP go to Utd and win them the title , because £26 million was worth more to us than holding him to the last 12 months of his contract.

    RVP won Utd the title and meant Arsenal were sweating all season and had to kiss Theo's censored to stay and play central (Okay 21 goals surprised me) but I d still rather have kept RVP and took the loss of Money now, who knows we might have beaten Bayern, and then What?

    We are now supposedly shopping in a £40 million pound for any half decent striker market, yet we let the best one in Europe go to our fiercest rivals for £26 million.

    I know Suarez has got a longer contract, but FFS.

    Since the Invincibles, every season we have let our best player go to a competitor (Fabregas aside I really cant understand this) it just proves what our priorites are, and they are not the ones stated by Gazidis and Co.
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Agreed, 26mill for RVP seems like the steal of the century now.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    This article sums up your position quite nicely. Apologies that it's from the Fail.

    The thing that article doesn't cover but Arsenal fans should be asking is why do they have such a dreadful injury record? They can't keep players fit for 5 minutes. There's very few clubs that have the volume of injured players that they do and the constant breaking down of their best players should be forcing tough questions about how they train and prepare for games.
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  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    The thing that article doesn't cover but Arsenal fans should be asking is why do they have such a dreadful injury record? They can't keep players fit for 5 minutes.

    Good question? Doesn't help when your one acquisition this Summer has a long injury history already.

    I accept at 20 he's probably developing through his teenage years, the way Welbeck has at Utd.

    We used to do pre season in Austria and the Alps with a few low level friendly games, now we chase the Mighty Yen and Dong and jet off to Japan and Thailand to play meaningless games half way across the world in 50 degree heat and 80% humidity. Just for marketing and money!!!

    We have no real squad depth, no spine, Until recently Wenger would only show interest in Creative or wide playing Midfielders (He even wants to Play Podolski there now. Why not Central, when we have only one Striker)

    Diaby now enters his third season on the treatment table, Carzola and Arteta have played 55 game seasons.

    Ramesy is only just getting back to something like since breaking his leg. Sagnas had 2 leg breaks in as many seasons and Jack Wiltshere defies medical science but only looks to be one game like the Villa game away from someone breaking his Ankle for him (God help him when we play Stoke)

    And why the censored did International FA's sanction friendlies 3 days before the season started?

    But is it any excuse No! Chelsea play 35 year old Fat Frank (probably be ever game now his Sugar daddies back)
    but when you look at their squad size and Cities and Utds they have quality back up.

    We get rid of 27 players and theres not one of them you would have wanted anywhere near the first team squad so why the censored were they at the club in the first place, when you are talking about the likes of Chamakh, Bedtner, Gervinio and Park ( only one Gervinio made any contribution last year) yet we sold a 31 goal a season striker to our fiercest rivals?
  • tbf, i have no issue chasing the mighty yen in asia. all the other 'big' teams do it and cope ok with it, there is no reason we shouldnt be able to. we are way behind in merchandising/commercial revenue, so such tours are needed to drive that income stream, as united, city and chelsea know and do. so for me thats not a problem. we cant use that as an excuse, although OGL probably will try.

    if you want an articulate and well made summary of the frustrations and reasons behind them see this link: ... ve&id=2965

    unfortunately i cannot articulate my points too well as i get too annoyed now about it. (im not sure why, as i had moved on from anger to resignation, inevitability and mild amusement at the situation, but the lack of prepardness for this season and the inevitable trolley dash, proving that no lessons have been learned from the 8-2 game/season has re ignited my anger) so the link puts it better than i could.
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Very well put be Online Gunner and I think it catches the mood of the majority of fans.

    I have always believed that the boards decision to leave Highbury and to some extent accept a lean period in order to pay back the stadium debt on the Emirates, was correct and right, so for several seasons I have forgive Wenger his sins and sympathised with the situation the club were in compared to Chelsea , City and United.
    But as mentioned in the link above, Wenger now has massive financial clout, The backing of Gazidis and Kroenke to spend it and All the top 3 contenders have had changes in management which should open the way for us to move forward.

    We have suffered the lean years in order to have reserves and assets for the future, that future is now and if Wenger cannot guide us to it, he needs to step aside for someone who can.
  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Wenger opinions after the last couple of results please.
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