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Which Bike To Buy!

chrisgreen-hd7chrisgreen-hd7 Posts: 2
edited August 2013 in MTB beginners
Hi, I am new to cycling and am looking for a decent MTB (that holds it's value in case I fall out of love with the sport quicker than I planned). Like with cars, I am reluctant to buy brand new due to the depreciation (but will do if it is the best option). I am looking to spend around £500 and have been watching some of the 12/13 Boardman MTB Comps on Gumtree & Ebay which are typically selling for around £400.

There are lots of similar priced options (new bikes) on Evans Cycles; hardtails with hydraulic brakes but since I know very little about what to look for with how the frame is manufactured, gear manufacturers, chains and all the other major components, I am looking at the basics - Size and weight. The Boardman seems quite unique in that they have a 19" frame whereas most others are either 18" or 20". 19" frame is bang on for myself and of course, how it feels is critical.

Can anyone give me any advice on alternate options (up to £500, either new or on the used markets) and why they suggest it??

Thanks, Chris


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