Bike Lights - Half Measure, Full Measure, Hi Viz or Nothing?

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As title.

Unlike others on here I couldn't care less if a stranger doesn't acknowledge me when riding past me.

I'm not going to judge someone riding with his headphones in

- I do it -

I don't want to hear my wheezing chest and I look, look, look, look and look again. I have eyes.

Anyone who judges someone on that obviously doesn't want deaf people cycling... Or must get unbelievably irate when they see a motorist with their stereo booming or on their mobile...

I fall asleep when someone witters on about not being able to get up a hill - especially when they have measured it to the Nth degree. 2 options - change your set up or get fitter - done!

Unfortunately cyclists are the most hated road users bar none. And as a cyclist I really think that there is a majority that doesn't help the sensible cyclists.

It is to55ers that don't ride with lights!

As a motorist, pedestrian and cyclist it is the thing that really gets my goat and I feel that the whole attitude to lights needs to change. I have various light set ups - even the most basic are very good and cost under £20.

There is no way that I will get a SMIDSY on em.

That's Sorry Mate, I didn't See You, for the Ninjas amongst us.

I see sooo many ninjas around it's unbelievable. My rear light & bracket weighs about 90 grams I think - wow!

Then there is the other extreme - wearing all "High Viz" and IMO looking like a tawt, but not running ONE light. FFS.

People need to get a grip and learn the law. Or perhaps I need to get a grip and calm down?

Seriously though, if you had a car wrapped in high viz but didn't run your lights when necessary - it's dangerous and ILLEGAL!

High Viz and Ninja bandits please take note.

Do all of us cyclists a favour, please.

Batteries can be bought cheap from the £ shops, buy decent rechargeables or splash out and get USB or rechargable lights.

The mentality of cyclists needs to change or we will remain the, sometimes deserved, pariahs of the roads...


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    Ninjas round this way wear black and go from pavement to pavement.
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    What is the world coming to when we have to agree with HML??

    Good god, man, sort yourself out and have a rant that really winds people up, rather than this pathetic uncontroversial nonsense.

    Stylistically, a bit too coherent, needs more evidence of actual foaming at the mouth. Not bad, otherwise, nice work.
    Is the gorilla tired yet?