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Eurosport Player - Anyone else having problems today?

SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
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Missed all the cycling today as Eurosport Player is just showing a blank screen within the viewing window.

It was working fine this morning.

Silverlight is up to date, and nothing else has changed.

Have tried on several different computers / platforms.

Subscription still active.

I presume the error is at their end?

Is anyone else having the same problem - it takes days (if at all) to get a reply to their email help line.



  • Yep having the same problem! thought it was just me as there is no info anywhere on the eurosport site!
  • colthrop1colthrop1 Posts: 2
    Had the same problem, i can watch videos on demand but live tv is blank. Annoyed as i only signed up today to watch the cycling at least i managed to watch the San Sebastian on german eurosport.
  • SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
    phew, if it's not just me (or you) then there's a better chance of it getting sorted!
  • kettrinboykettrinboy Posts: 613
    Same here, couldnt get live TV yesterday, could get it early this morning, now its gone again, is it something to do with the upgrade thats gone on?
  • Celt100Celt100 Posts: 22
    Me too today and on and off the last week or so :(
    Not impressed so far for a subscription service the old service had a few problems too but no where near this bad.

    Does anyone else have problems with the channel listing not matching whats actually on ?
  • I'm still having problems although I did manage to watch some of the Tour of Poland but can't get anything today and Eurosport customer service (ha ha) haven't replied to my email after a week. I was going to renew my subscription at the end of the month to watch La Vuelta but probabaly not worth the hassle.
  • Just out of interest - have any of you signed up for BT Sport recently. This kicked off for me after I did. I wonder if there's some kind of conflict with Silverlight?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    From Twitter, 30 mins ago.
    Due to a flood at Eurosport HQ, the Eurosport Player is currently unavailable for users in the UK and France. Apologies to those affected
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • Thanks - irritating but at least I know it's not my problem!
  • It's been more down than up recently, going to can my subscription on the iPad I think.
  • Hi all.

    Anyone worked out how to rewind the new, stupid, worse than the last incarnation of Eurosport Player for more than an hour and a half? Getting fed up of missing races now :(
  • avoidingmyphdavoidingmyphd Posts: 1,154
    how do you contact customer support?
    the online form demands "No spaces or special characters" and even when I take all the spaces out of my message it won't send.
    Player hasn't worked properly, in a variety of ways, since the start of the tour of poland for me.
  • badly_dubbedbadly_dubbed Posts: 1,350
    Tour of Utah been completely cancelled
    José Been ‏@TourDeJose 12h

    @DQSport we just heard there will be none at all for remainder of the race. (I commentate for Eurosport Netherlands)
  • I allowed the player to update on my iPhone, what a mistaka to maka!
    Now have version 4, previous version I could play the output through my TV, which was great!
    Now it would appear that this nifty little option is blocked.
    Anyone know how to roll back an app?
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