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Taking a Break

XherdanXherdan Posts: 48
I play football as well as cycling and sometimes the day after football my legs feel really stiff and achy. This never happens from cycling, probably because I don't push myself quite so hard as there's less of a direct competitive element out on my own. On these days I tend to take a day off the bike and hope they are better the next day but I've seen people on here talking about spinning their legs as a cure for similar issues.
This is a roundabout way of asking which is the best option? A daty off or a light spin? I'm not looking to kill myself training as I have no particular goals, just enjoy riding and improving a bit. Should a spin help ease the stiffness? When I do try it I don't really notice a huge difference but I feel really weak on the bike, not particularly lacking energy but lacking power if that makes sense.
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