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Been looking at a couple of bikes over the past week or so and I'm not sure which I like the best,
Planext X N2A Guru with Sram Red or a Bassco Astra from Wiggle with Campagnolo Chorus.
I've had a test ride on the N2A but not the Basso. Any advice ??????


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    I've got a Campag Basso and a PX.
    The Basso is beautiful. Chorus is great.
    The PX is OK.
    No contest really.
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    Basso - different class!
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    I was at the Rotherham Planet X on Friday with a mate that is looking at the N2A tour edition,
    it's the N2A Guru frame (light blue with flowers) Sram Red & FSA carbon bars,stem and chain set
    but with the cheaper Planet X brake calipers. The bike is nice and it's a bit different but is it
    worth £2.5k ???? Will Planet X not do a deal ? a good 10% off ?

    I'm no expert on modern carbon bikes but if it was my money I'd go for the Basso Astra with
    Chours, just not sure on the Micro Tech finishing kit and wheels !!
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    I've had a Basso Astra since 2010 and it still rides like new. I have a SRAM Red/Force combination on mine simply because I like how SRAM operate and they fit my hands better. I also have FSA Plasma integrated bars and Mavic wheels but the Microtech stuff is ok. The Basso is a focused bike so don't go expecting too much comfort. There's oodles of front end feel though as a consequence. Be sure to check the Basso sizing chart as Basso tend to measure from the seat tube and not the top tube.
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    +1 for the Basso. I find the Planet X stuff very bland. The chorus kit on the Basso is great stuff and the finishing kit can be easily swapped out without too much expense.
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    I have an N2A in Guru blue and love it.
    For blasting around for 3 or 4 hours it's great, dead stiff so excellent on corners (yeah rails...) and I think it looks great too viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=12916741&p=18265776&hilit=n2a#p18265776

    That said I have just got one of the Scott CR1 SL's and having all my kit swapped over to that. (getting it tomorrow hopefully)

    I did the Tour of the Peak on the N2A (3500m climbing over 98miles) and did ache a bit for the last hour and a half so because I'm doing a ride at the end of August in Austria that is 5500m climbing and 155miles I thought the CR1 would be better suited (plus it was a massive bargain), that said I is going to battered no matter what I ride in Austria but can't wait.

    After Austria I plan to swap everything back on to the N2A and have that as my best bike unless the CR1 handles better than the N2A. Depending on how I find the CR1 will determine whether I sell it, keep it instead on the N2A or keep both but that said for my usual type of 2-4 hour rides the N2A is great for pretending I'm a tour rider !

    Them Basso's are pretty light frames and they have Chorus on but not sure about the wheels and finishing kit.

    The N2A tour edition comes with FSA carbon bars and stem and chainset, Sram Red and PX tubs I think which if not your bag you can sell them new on Ebay for around £350 and then your not far from the right money for a good pair of clinchers.

    So I'd say N2A but then I've not had a Basso !

    Or get one of the Scott CR1 Pro frames from Westbrook and spec it exactly how you want for the same money.
    Frame £500
    Chorus £850 or Sram Force 11 speed £950
    Shamals £600 or Ksyrium Elite S £450
    Finishing kit £550
    = a pretty light bike built exactly to your requirements.
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