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Stomach pains with long rides

MTB noobMTB noob Posts: 272
I'm going to be honest with myself and say that I only ride about 30-50km on a cycle day.

But the issue is that I've noticed when I have a tail wind and I am going for it (about 90% effort) doing 40kph on my Voodoo (not really appropriate for the type of ride) on the south coast, my stomach gets a knotting pain mixed with a burning pain which intensifies as I ride. Then when I let off the power the pain decreases but does not stop for a few hours.

I have got to the point a couple of times where my body rejects any drink or food. :oops:

It seems strange because my legs don't feel like they are suffering a lot when it happens.

Anyone got any tips?
My god road cycling is scary! I'm going to keep my relaxing rides to the trails where everything is green, fast and less crazy.


  • shortcutsshortcuts Posts: 366
    This comment is not designed to be or appear to be flippant but I think you know the answer really. See your doctor?
    Because something ain't right there.
  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    What you eating, I got terrible pains after eating soy based protein bars cliff etc, stopped eating them and fine.
  • cerv50cerv50 Posts: 272
    I'm no doctor but could it be your core strength is a bit weak?
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