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Turbo Training with Simulated Power or HRM?

liamcorriganliamcorrigan Posts: 49
Hi All,

I'm currently recovering from a broken collar bone but fingers crossed I'll be back to racing end of July/beginning of August, just in time to catch the end of the season.

I've downloaded a training app for my phone (Motivo if you're interested - have just done a few of the sample workouts so far but have been impressed) and have acquired the bluetooth speed/cadence and heart rate sensors to go with it. Tonight I'm hoping to kick off a 9 week race prep-specific training plan that the software offers but I have the option of doing the workouts based on either heart rate or simulated power. You input your turbo trainer type and by using this, your speed/cadence data and some form of witchcraft the app gives you a power reading.

My understanding is that power is considered a more useful measurement for training than heart rate but thought I'd gather some opinions first. Most importantly though, I'll be able to really impress my mates by yammering on about watts etc, even though I won't have a clue what I'm talking about!

I'm not too worried about the fact that the power is 'simulated' and therefore 'the numbers' won't be as accurate as a proper power meter. My goals are to try and regain the fitness I've lost having not ridden much recently and make a last ditch effort to get the remaining six points I need to get my 3rd cat licence by the end of the season.

Any thoughts?



  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
    Massive thread for Trainer Road on here.
    Bottom line is, if you stick with a training plan consistently, then you should build up your fitness again.
    Whether thats enough to jump straight back into racing form is another question entirely.
  • Cheers JGSI. Found the Trainer Road thread so will have a good read through.

    Have to admit I share your concern and I am facing up to the possibility that this season was over for me before it really began. Guess I can but try!
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