fizik saddle bag - waterproof?

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I've currently got a topeak medium aero pack and to be honest it's far too big for what I need, however what I really don't like about it is that it's not at all waterproof and on a rainy day everything inside it gets soaked. I was thinking of changing it for one of the small fizik packs that can clip onto my fizik saddle and whilst the size looks perfect I'm not sure if it's going to be any more waterproof than what I've currently got. Any experiences with it?


  • shadow4532
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    i had a fizik bag and it wasnt water proof i just wrapped everything in a sandwich bag before putting it in the saddle bag. hth
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    but for mudguardless deluge riding, definitely not, probably no bag would be
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    Ortlieb do a waterproof seatpack - have one on my MTB and its kept everything dry, even through some really wet and muddy rides throughout the winter. The clip-on Fizik ones are not at all water-resistant.
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  • rich164h
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    Thanks guys. It's the neatest solution for my bike so I guess a combination of plenty of nikwax type products on the outside and possible a sandwich bag for certain things will be the way to go. I was hoping to avoid using interal bags etc but as said above, perhaps it is always going to be like that.

    It's not all out monsoons that my current one's suffer from though, the spray from the rear wheel on only slightly wet roads is enough to soak everything in my topeak one which obviously isn't good for mobile phones or £10 notes!