punture kit?

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i have spare tubes where can i get a pump,levers and a saddle bag at a resonable price?does anyone use the c02 cartidge too?what are ur opinions on them?


  • Wooliferkins
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    Depends what size/quality of seatpack you want and what you're going to put in it. They start at about £12 and go up from there. I use a Co2 / mini pump combined from Lezyne then if you have a toss day and use both your carts you have a decent mini pump to go with it. Where pumps go if it's cheap it's usually fairly rubbish
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    Pump - CO2 cartridges can be great but they don't always work and the valve connection can go wrong, potentially leaving you stranded. I long ago decided - buy a decent pump mounted onto one of the bottle cage fixings. I went for a Lezyne.

    Levers - I have a set of reinforced Spesh levers - they cost more than most but then again, I have suffered from snapped cheap levers on more than one occasion.

    Saddle bag - the most important aspect of these is deciding what you need to carry and in turn what size it needs to be - I have a topeak one which clips onto the underside of the saddle rails and carries a tube, levers and a multi tool.

    In summary I'd suggest decide what you want then look around for the best prices on them. Hope that's not unhelpful.