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michaeljacksonmichaeljackson Posts: 23
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my saracen mantra dx 09, have upgraded the forks to lockout, shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and new double wall rims, wanting to upgrade stem, riser bar and crank,just need to find what crank i got on already. lol :D this is the before pic, will post the now pic after i took it


  • trooperktrooperk Posts: 189
    Unusual way of mounting the front crud catcher, never seen it like that before, thought you fitted an extra fly wheel but realised it’s a dog bowl. :D
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    whats bag thing on the handle bars.

    there £2 in Halfords I brought one to keep alan keys in my shed.

    your front guard is on wrong I think. but that might jus be the way it goes. looks like it rubs on the frame.

    your seat post looks very busy.

    its a nice bike thou . none of colours match but I guess that's your preference

    nice bike thou :P
  • the bag not on handlebars anymore, replaced with a phone carrier, front mud guard no longer on, the forks were standard on it, but replaced with black ones, got rid of the clarks cable disc brakes and replaced with shimano hydraulics, removed saddle bag too. lol its also my 1st bike as i'm 35 and only learnt to ride 2 year ago, was always a petrol head!!
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    The front crud catcher, What the actual!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    DanDax1990 wrote:
    The front crud catcher, What the actual!

    I know :P :P :P :P :P
  • Cogsy1976Cogsy1976 Posts: 143
    im lol (ing) at the crud catcher position, thats brilliant.
    However... good on you nice bike I like it. A Lot
  • DSC_01151.jpg

    how the bike looks now after the brake, rims, and fork upgrade, next is stem, handlebars and new crank and bottom bracket, once i know what bottom brabket i have. lol
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    What's with the rear mudguard? You do realise the rear light is pointless because the guard is covering it? :S
  • unquestionedunquestioned Posts: 172
    The front mudguard, I have it, it's meant to go on the bottom bar... not that I want to tell you how it works or anything.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    What are those on your spokes?

    And maybe try taking a picture without random censored in the shot?
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  • James QJames Q Posts: 201
    There spoke reflectors, my wife put a load on our daughters bike so she can be seen on her ride into school lol.
  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    That must be the most random censored I've ever seen attached to a bike.

    Also, sit down and think about where you've positioned that rear mudguard. Just think 'What will make this catch more mud?'...

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    might jus be my eyes but your forks look like they don't belong on that bike.

    did you try spray your spokes your white/masking tape/ :?: :?: :?: :?:

    move the mudguard down and bit and change the colour to black also some black/dark grey grips would look nice :mrgreen:
  • firstly the mudguard got pushed up when i took the bike off the hoist in my house, my bad that i forgot to alter it back, the original forks on the bike were white, but they were a bit crappy, so picked a cheap set up as i'm new to trailing, random censored attached??? lights, lock, mudguard, water bottle and cage also a phone holder as i don't just use it off road, spoke reflectors so drivers have no excuse for taking me out while they driving and talking on the phone, drivers around here don't have much if any respect for any form of cyclists.

    i don't mind advice but there is no need for some of the abruptness really.

    this is my first bike, i'm 35 and have only just started to ride a bike, anyway advice on a decent new hardtail around the £1000 mark and also, a full susser around same sort of money or upto £1500, if you don't mind, that is.

    thanks in advance
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,611
    must resist the temptation to make Jackson jokes...................
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,782
    Ignore 'em, nice enough for a first bike.

    You after 2 new bikes then? Value wise you probably won't get better than decathlon, think they do a decent hardtail around £900 or so and probably not much more for full suss. Or for about £1k you could go to on-one and spec an inbred with a pair of rebas? With upto £1.5k on a full suss… will have a few options, maybe something like a giant anthem or trance?
  • cheers angry bird, don't mind summat 2nd hand as long as its been looked after and that, got a compensation payout to come in the near future after a back injury and went to centre parcs with some friends a couple of years ago and they learnt me to ride a bike, so i bought one and go most weeks to sherwood pines and i really enjoy it!
  • sam-323sam-323 Posts: 49
    You can get some really good deals from the link below if it doesn't work just google Paul's cycles. I like the site because you can choose upto four bike and compare them with ease and save's flixing back and fourth between web pages.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,611
    if you've had a back injury I would just go and use all of the cash on a full sus
  • matthew h wrote:
    if you've had a back injury I would just go and use all of the cash on a full sus

    looking at £25k min payout, think i can buy more than one for that lol
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,611
    matthew h wrote:
    if you've had a back injury I would just go and use all of the cash on a full sus

    looking at £25k min payout, think i can buy more than one for that lol

    so up the budget and get the dream bikes now!
  • shdaxnershdaxner Posts: 249
    Bike looks good, looks a little busy for my liking at the back end.....but if you need it all then naff all you can do about it.

    New hardtail wise i would keep an eye on the classifieds on here and also i bought my Saracen off there for £1000 new in box whereas the RRP was alot more :D

    For full sussers, defo give a good going over they do have some bargains on there.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    Is this s wind up? Kind of the cycling equivelant of a Halfords styled Citroen Saxo.
  • DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
    Matt-r8 wrote:
    Is this s wind up? Kind of the cycling equivelant of a Halfords styled Citroen Saxo.

    This. I thought my bike was bling-tastic chav'ism... Is chav'ism a word?

    Anyway, What's wrong with a rucksack? A comfy, Well sized one can be had for cheap which will hold all of your bikes 'accessories'.
  • mrleemrlee Posts: 499
    All you need now is to clip a couple of playing cards to the frame with a clothespeg so they rub on the spokes, lol.

    Seriously though. We all gotta start somewhere. It's a nice bike for your first one. It is a bit busy, but hey you'll learn from the criticism on here. I'm sure your next bike will be less clutter :wink:

    Just ride it and enjoy
  • sbd16vsbd16v Posts: 93
    matthew h wrote:
    if you've had a back injury I would just go and use all of the cash on a full sus

    looking at £25k min payout, think i can buy more than one for that lol

    back injury that bad you need a £25k min payout, never mind the full sus im ammazed you can still ride.
  • Matt-r8Matt-r8 Posts: 298
    Where there is blame, there is a claim. That's why insurance is so bloody expensive these days.
  • took advice and off came the saddle bag, bought a hydration pack for tools and extra fluid, new chain and rear mech, straight swap like for like sram x4 rear mech as came off bike and bent rear mech, went to sherwood pines and enjoyed trying the kitchener trail, loved it and took some clutterless pics. lol


  • shdaxnershdaxner Posts: 249
    Why do you have a lunchbox strapped to your bars?
  • its my phone and wallet holder as i have got bike trail maps on my phone
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