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Brake set-up

desmorrowdesmorrow Posts: 115
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I usually use my index finger to brake but the lever seems to now require to be pulled right the way to the bar - so basically my other fingers are getting to the way! The brakes are formula Rx. I've checked the pads and they look fine. The pistons seem to move okay. One a bit better than the other so I cleaned them and lubed with a touch of brake fluid - seem reasonable. Do the brakes need bled or is there any other adjustment I can do? You don't need to advance pads with hydraulic brakes - right?

Like I said, I basically need to pull the lever right back to the handlebar to lock the rear so it's pretty poor.


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    Adjust the reach, the manual will show you how. It will either be an Allen key adjuster or tool less.
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  • desmorrowdesmorrow Posts: 115
    wow - that was easy!!!! saved me about 2 hours messing around!!! thanks so much!! greatly appreciated :) this website is class!
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    Sounds like you need to move the brakes inboard a bit if the lever is hitting your other fingers. I have my brakes set up so they are very nearly touching the bar when I have them fully on...but there's def no fingers underneath them!
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