Bent hanger.

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Hi all.

I think I may have bent my rear derallieur hanger. basically, I noticed that the chain going into teh bottom pulley wasn't going in straight.

Anyway, I've had a look, and the hanger looks slightly twisted. I assume they're supposed to be straight, and, if you lay them on your side, flat.

Also, what's the best way to find out which hanger I need? There's about 250 available. I have a Boardman Hybrid Comp, and, looking through various websites, it looks like I need a "Hanger 238". Is it just a case of looking through, and picking the one that looks closest to what I have?




  • CaMun
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    Have you tried bending it back? Park tools say, as a rule of thumb, if the hanger survives being bent back to correct alignment it'll survive use.
    Some more info here:

    As for what hanger you need I have no idea.

    Your LBS may help you bending the old one back, or if you live near KT14 I can help you out.
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    Sounds like an LBS job tbh, that way they can make sure that you get the right hanger. Last time I did mine I think it cost me about £20 for a new hanger and about £5 for them to swap it over.
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    Bought a hanger from, which fitted perfectly. Also got a spare from Halfords.