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Heart Rate Query (possible overtraining?)

dee4life2005dee4life2005 Posts: 773
I started cycling last April, having not cycled for about 15 years - and even then it was only a paper round so probably doesn't count. A year on, I've done 7600 miles and I'm 3 stone lighter (11st 6lb) and now fairly regularly averaging 19mph+ for the commute to work (20 miles each way).

Until recently this 19mph+ effort would have given me an average HR of 170+ (max 192) ... but recently it's dropped down to 153-160bpm (even one of 148bpm recently), not that I'm complaining. I used to be relatively comfortable riding between 170 and 185 bpm, and could sustain this for over an hour at a time, but now when I hit those HR figures not only does it take alot more effort to reach, but my legs tire a lot more quickly than they used to and breathing is more laboured than I remember.

Could this be a sign that I'm overdoing things, and need to take a rest (a week?). I do take one-two rest/recovery days a week but perhaps this isn't enough - especially as I've upped the miles from 750-800 miles to 920 this month (Strava Classic Challenge).


  • joe.90joe.90 Posts: 171
    its not overtraining, just part of the training process. as you get fitter. your body gets used to what your doing and the same power is output with less physical effort.

    you certainly do not need a week off. maybe a day or two. it gets harder and harder to raise your HR the more tired you become during a hard ride, or during a hard weeks riding.
  • I guess I spoke too soon. Gave a little more effort (avg heart rate 165bpm) on the 20 mile commute home today, and managed to smash my PB by over 6 minutes - avg. speed 21.6mph ... how the hell did I manage that, lol.

    Must have something to do with most of the 900+ miles this month being in the strong winds ... bonus.
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