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Boardman MTB race

laartlaart Posts: 3
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Hi, I am looking for a new beginner bike for everyday riding in city and little bit on trails. I would like to know if someone has got this bike, or have ride it. I have searched net and haven't found any information from someone who has ride this bike. As I understand this is the cheapest from Boardman bikes, but overall review of company is quite good. Price is 365 GBP discounted from 560 GBP. Also what are your thoughts about part list ? I'm quite new to these kind of bikes, only have been riding street/dirt bikes.


Part list -
Fork - Suntour XCR LOD, 120mm, hydraulic damping, lock out and preload
Wheels - Alex DP20 rims built on Formula disc hubs with stainless steel spokes
Speed: 24 gears
Brake/Shift Levers: SRAM X4
Chainset: FSA, triple 44x32x22 (crank length varies according to frame size)
Bottom Bracket: FSA cartridge
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X5
Front Derailleur: SRAM X5
Brake Calipers: Tektro Draco
Chain: KMC Z99
Cassette: SRAM PG830
Handlebar: cboardman, 31.8mm
Bar Grips: White
Stem: cboardman, 31.8mm. Stem length varies according to frame size
Seat Post: cboardman, 31.6mm x 330mm
Saddle: cboardman
Tyres: Continental Mountain King, 29 x 2.2


  • gorantoricgorantoric Posts: 2

    I have just ordered one for my girlfriend. It's not top of the line bike, but you can't get better bike for that price. It's a good bike for the recreational rides, but if the plan is riding trails 3-4 times per week then you shold choose something else. Fork is from Suntour and they have poor quality and performance. The good thing is that fork is the one with a coilspring and not air chamber. Forks with the coilsprings doesn't required so much maintenance.
    The bottom line is Tektro brakes wich is very bad, and requires a lot of adjustment. But you can replace them with brakes from Formula, Avid or Shimano and still have a bike for a reasonable price.
  • MccraqueMccraque Posts: 819
    £365 ??? At £500 I would be buying it. At £365 that's a bargain.

    the important thing is that the frame is well sorted. It's a good trail ready geometry and even with the fork limitations when the going gets really tough, I think that's a steal to get you into MTB.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
    Nothing wrong with tektro, maybe a long pull until bite point and bit wooden but reliable brakes. Better than avid IMHO
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  • gorantoricgorantoric Posts: 2
    Well i'm happy to hear that. I never rode with Tektro brakes myself, but i heard from others that they are far beyond average brakes from f.x. Shimano or Formula.
  • laartlaart Posts: 3
    Ordered this bike from, have got it for week now, been testing in city and on trails.
    I can say that I can't imagine better bike for this price, bike feels great on hard surfice and on trails, very good first bike for everyone. Parts ar decent too, fork is Ok for now, maybe will change it in future, but I think it's quite good fork not for very hardcore riding. Brakes ar Ok too, can't compare to best line of brakes, but they do their job, I like shift gears, haven't noticed any problems at all, wheels are holding good as expected, will test it on harder trails this month. One disapointment is that discount is now 20% not 35% when I ordered it. And seat isn't very comfortable for me, but thats not really a problem.
    Hope this helps somebody to make right chose when buying entry level MTB, and are looking at boardman mtb race, cause I couldn't find hardly any reviews about this bike. If you have any questions, you can post them here.
    Good day.
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