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CptMuppetCptMuppet Posts: 32
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After many weeks of trying to decide what to buy I found a GT Aggressor XC3 for 80 quid , very happy with the purchase as compared to my old Claud Buttler it is as light as a feather. I know this is most probably not the best bike to buy but I really only wanted the frame. I have brought some new wheels for it and hope this is the start of something I can keep working on as a project. I intend to use my bike for work but want to be able to get out and about when ever I get the chance. The one thing I am not sure of is the forks, I have never had lockout forks before and don't know if they are ok? they seem to work ok but when moving the lever to lo k them it slows them down but doesn't lock them, is this right? can I look at repairing them or can someone recommend a decent budget pair please. I am very skint hence why I paid 80 for a


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