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The 'bejesus razor blades are expensive' thread.

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Being a somewhat senior citizen, (well, rolling towards 40!) I was just shaving, and figured I'd pass on this tip. I currently use a 'fusion' (no power or any of that censored !), however I have noticed that 4 blades are like 8 squid! The current blade I am using is coming up to it's 12 months. I don't have bumfluff beard hair, far from it, it's like damn steel! However, I caught a tip from a random website last year and it's so easy. DON'T STORE YOUR RAZOR IN THE BATHROOM.

Thing that makes the blades blunt is the oxidisation on them, and guess where that can happen the best? In a nice humid/damp place everyday.. ie the bathroom. What I do, is shave, I use a nice shave oil, (can go all extravagant with the savings I make, lets face it, the lube strip on even an expensive blade is rubbish.) shave my visage, then wash the razor out, then tamp it dry with a towel etc, then keep in bedside cupboard. Honestly, when you consider how much these damn things cost, I think £8 quid a year (changing blade every 3 months) is not too bad at all. Oh, I shall add, I shave every other day, can't shave everyday, face goes nuts.

Sorry it's random, but try it, if you are like a mate of mine who throws them away after 2 shaves, saves plenty of beer-tokens.
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  • steve6690steve6690 Posts: 190
    Or, as I've recently done, scrap those stupid multi blade gizmos and get a DE razor. Then learn how to shave properly. Currently costing me 10p a fortnight in blades.
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    Cut throat razor, or straight edge if you prefer to call it that. Either learn to sharpen on a strap and then your only cost is a bit of shaving soap every now and then, or get one with replaceable blades and buy a pack for a few quid every now and then. I changed a few years back and saved a packet since compared to using Gillette Quattro Super Turbo Fusion Gold Edition Special Limited Edition Face Massaging razors.
    And once you have the hang of it it's a close shave and just as quick as a guarded blade
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    What do you use on your legs?
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  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    Imac or whatever it's called, lasts longer than shaving. Would wax but I figure I suffer enough on the bike to have to suffer off it too
  • bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
    I'm too lazy do all that farting about. I rinse it off and shove it in the soap dish. If I come to shave and it hacks my face off I whack a new blade on. I'm not rich but don't find a tenner for some blades too bad.
  • gavbarrongavbarron Posts: 824
    I'm too lazy do all that farting about. I rinse it off and shove it in the soap dish. If I come to shave and it hacks my face off I don't care.

    Fixed that for you because you're northern. :wink: I moved south and instantly went soft. For the ultimate cheap no frills shave, my uncle (still a 'proper' Manc) dry shaves with a disposable. Rather him than me
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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,243
    just buy a merkur futur, eventually you save money as the blades are so cheap
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    I am going to look for Emo Kiddie groups on Facebook and link this Thread, thus ensuring those over sensitive, self destructive little basterds bleed out efficiently and quickly when they feel the need to bleed for attention..
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    Fortunately, after reading this thread, I only needed to use my raor blades twice......once on each wrist as I bleed to death slowly in my bathtub so as to forget having ever read this thread

    Disclaimer:- Just incase anyone was worried about me, I havent really slit my wrists, so dont worry

    I took an overdose instead

    not really, I'm fine
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    :D:lol::)cooldad :shock: :? :cry:
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    Sorry to do something as stupid as quote some facts in here, but aren't razor blades stainless steel............?
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    You tell us, you're the self proclaimed expert.
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    Passive oxide layer. They do not rust. But this is the best way:

  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    cooldad wrote:
    What do you use on your legs?

    Or aarrse of course?
  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652

    not really, I'm fine[/size][/quote]


    Actually I did have a question my boy was on the bridge and waved at the Stansted Express and the driver just ignored him. Was that you?
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