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Sufferfest Training Plans

sopworthsopworth Posts: 191
Has or is anyone doing one of the Sufferfest Training Plans?

I'm quite tempted to buy the Intermediate plan but keen to see if others have taken the plunge and seeing results.



  • phy2sll2phy2sll2 Posts: 680
    I think they've only just come out so unlikely to get an answer to that question.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 18,633
    They have been out a couple of days!!
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  • DubaiNeilDubaiNeil Posts: 246
    I had a quick look, as I have the majority of the videos, and thoroughly "enjoy" them. The plan details that they show look awfully similar to the Time Crunched Cyclist plans, just with prettier presentation. As the book costs £12.75 (or £6.64 for the Kindle version) it makes the Sufferfest plan look quite expensive. I spent some time on Garmin Training Centre setting up the sessions for TCC, scheduling them on the calendar (which them prompts you on the device) etc. I would love to be proven wrong though...
  • sopworthsopworth Posts: 191
    Never realised that they have just come out.....thank you for your replies though guys.

  • gaz0303gaz0303 Posts: 7
    I'm half way through the novice plan.

    It suits my lifestyle perfect at the moment and am enjoying having a plan to follow. The hardest part for me is to trust that the endurance rides are the best way to spend time on the bike. I live in rolling hill country so hard to keep at the low effort required. I need to actively refrain to train in the set zones.
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